The Short-Cut of Vaccination, Part 3

(This is the third article in a series by Greg Glaser, JD on “The Short-Cut of Vaccination”. Part 1 here  and Part 2 here)

 Commonly Asked Questions

1. Shouldn’t scientific dissent be discouraged because vaccines promote the common good?

Pharma-funded government policy ironically dismisses the scientific method in order to promote a one-size-fits-all pharmacy for schoolchildren.  Even vaccine-enthusiasts like Senator Pan must admit that their mandatory vaccination policies eliminate the availability of a control group, a group of healthy, natural people that challenge their mass vaccination assumptions.

2. But don’t vaccines protect me and the world from infectious illnesses?

There are billions of pathogens on earth that can bypass the immune system and cause systemic illness.  Even if there were a vaccine for every virus, bacteria, protozoa or parasite – which may be the vaccine industry’s ultimate goal – vaccines will not protect humans from illness. For example, humans live symbiotically with billions of organisms called the microbiome that support our natural immunity. The human microbiome is a source of genetic diversity, a modifier of disease, an essential component of immunity, and a functional entity that influences metabolism and modulates drug interactions. It has been estimated the total number of bacteria in the 70 kg man to be 3.8·1013  That’s 380,000,000,000,000 cells we often refer to as ‘germs.’ So, why are we so horrified over a shortlist of pathogens which have been said to cause ‘vaccine-preventable’ illness? In this manner especially, we can see that modern vaccination is disruptive and not sustainable.

3. Can we trust the CDC is unbiased?

Even if we somehow ignored the rampant conflicts-of-interest, scientific fraud, and revolving door with pharma, it is well documented, our public health institutions are overtly biased toward supporting pharma.

For example, the CDC is as biased as the California High-Speed Rail Authority was regarding the ‘necessity and safety’ of high-speed trains going through backyards, or the California Board of Equalization was in 1988 regarding the constitutionality of a new tax law on your body.

There is no surprise that the CDC beats the drum in favor of the Pharma-funded policies.  What is surprising though is how extreme this lesson has become, where the CDC now demands that all children are grave threats to society, and the only cure is biotechnology.


4. Is mandatory vaccine legislation dangerously Orwellian? 

Mandatory vaccine laws foment distrust among diverse peoples and predictably create a black market for fake vaccination records. These empower Pharma-funded politicians to escalate laws toward even more Orwellian, bio-tracking; some suggestions have included State monitored injection facilities and microchipping technology guarantee the vaccines have been injected. In this manner, pro-mandate Legislatures are being conveniently set up by the biotech industry, which advocates both mandatory vaccines and escalating forms of bio-tracking, in a way that most legislators are unaware of.

The truth is, natural symbiosis can be obtained healthfully, and bio-tracking is Orwellian. Persons who know that are most likely to listen to consumer advocates who ask smart questions like this: Even back in 2011, if 54% of children are suffering one or more chronic illness under the current CDC schedule, why is the government pushing more vaccine biotechnology on children?  Who has the right to decide that everyone must fight against nature and that no one may respect natural harmony?

It is an inconvenient truth, but pushing ever more government-mandated pharmaceuticals and vaccines, a one-size-fits-all healthcare policy disrespects the unique diversity of children. It is a targeted attack on natural choices.

Every year the burden of chronic illness among children – and adults – grows larger. And every year, the government’s solutions for these problems are more mandatory pharma-funded programs. When will our State acknowledge that these policies are actually contributing to the epidemic of chronic illness?

Even though Pharma advertising money funds mainstream media budgets, the public is awakening more every year, realizing the time has come for independent consumer advocacy around vaccines. Independent scientific voices must have an equal voice to stand up to the biotechnology companies that fund government policy, finance politicians, buy mainstream media, and dominate healthcare. And as Pharma’s day of reckoning nears, history is well-positioned to remember vaccination zealots pushing their mandates.

Releasing from Blame to Open New Doors of Opportunity

I actually do not blame Pharma, or at least not entirely. And, rather than blame Senator Richard Pan for mandatory vaccination in California, why not give him an award for helping to unify the entire health freedom movement in California…and across the country?  After all, the Senator has mobilized more health freedom activists than anyone else in the State’s history. Let’s congratulate him and simultaneously realize that we are all empowering him for a reason…

Everything happens for a reason, to help us.  I know, surprising right?

A scientific discussion about prayer and healing is not a new phenomenon. Spirituality is an important component of many healing journeys.  In law too, the United States Supreme Court has written often about “the spiritual needs of man”.  Zorach v. Clauson (1952) 343 U.S. 306, 313-314.

As a society, many have learned that we have co-created BigPharma to help us learn critically important lessons about the undesirable consequences of replacing biology with technology. And that lesson, once learned, can save us from the much larger threat on our immediate horizon: transhumanism achieved through biotechnology.

This line of thinking – that ‘everything happens for a reason’ – tends to resonate with both religious and spiritual individuals, especially those who believe in a personal relationship with God.  For example: would God engage in a promise with computers like God has engaged with mankind?  Where are we putting our trust as a species – a Universal power or a man-made electronic box?

Personally, from my own Christian perspective, I am reminded of the State-sponsored killing of Jesus, who lived naturally and free as he healed people. According to the biblical record, the State-sponsored leaders found it more expedient to exterminate Jesus because he was a threat to their massively profitable power hierarchy. These State-sponsored leaders aroused the public against Jesus by labeling him a lunatic, a blasphemer, a law breaker.  And yet Jesus was none of these labels.  He was speaking freely while healing mankind, and fulfilling a great purpose that changed history beyond measure. It was a label that bound him to that cross.  It was the power of automatic association at work in the populace, blinding them to the truth. 


I wrote this “short cut of vaccination” to teach us something about ourselves as biological people.

Our great powers of association are ultimately about bonding and relationships.  It makes sense that we should strive to be careful of what we bond with and what we trust, especially when trusting vaccine ingredients to “keep us healthy” when they actually stoke an automatic reflex response within our bodies.

The ‘shortcut’ approach, which vaccination powerfully exploits, robs us of our ability to have a harmonious relationship with nature.  The shortcut approach even replaces our natural purpose with a tenuous dependence on ever-expanding biologic intrusions.

We can thrive if we listen to our bodies and release the pattern of simply blaming Pharma. We can thrive if we open our minds to embrace the possibility for how this lesson about the desire to avoid vaccines is helping us learn a larger lesson about avoiding transhumanism.

Indeed, the sooner we take responsibility for our lives, and realize that we are co-creating our reality to learn vital lessons, the sooner we can create the changes we desire.  We need to be authentic and honest with ourselves because fake positivity will not lead to the manifestation of our true desires.

We need to fundamentally listen, learn, and open our minds.  In the process, we can begin to authentically change our desires and our reality. For that to happen, I’m advocating that we forego the shortcuts, and embrace the journey.


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Greg Glaser is a health freedom lawyer in California.

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