The Short-Cut of Vaccination, Part 2

(This is the second article in a series by Greg Glaser, JD on “The Short-Cut of Vaccination”. Part 1 here

Wisdom in Natural Adversity

The wisdom of our generations is that natural adversity, challenge, and correction all strengthen us over time.  Illness, especially infections, are a vital and helpful part of nature for all living beings – natural infection from organisms are not meant to be eradicated, but rather bested by our own bodily integrity.  Even measles is meant to be respected given that it is among nature’s symbiotic to eliminate cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Vaccinating against infections is like spraying your house with poison.  It may temporarily kill spiders or termites, but nature will still have the last word in the house.  Poison is always short-sighted thinking, and mass poisoning of our entire planet with chemicals is simply suicidal.  Modern vaccination itself is suicidal. Most people just haven’t learned why yet, which is precisely why there are 200+ new vaccines currently in research & development (see also here) – the process of learning this lesson is inevitable: we’ll either learn or kill ourselves trying. People need to understand we are dealing directly with a human rights crisis.

When we awaken our natural processes and our natural inclination for symbiosis with nature, we find harmony. The process of interaction with nature may take more effort and may take longer than we desire, but ultimately it’s worth it.  Like an engineer who labors decades to complete a sustainable & fractal filtration system, quality and sustainability are worth it.

I am “vaccine aware”, not anti-vaccine.  I realize for example that Senator Pan and his vaccines are fulfilling a great purpose in society – to teach us a lesson about the consequences of replacing our sustainable natural biological processes with unsustainable biotechnological dependency.  I am not anti-vaccine, anti-Pan, anti-cancer, etc, because I am not against society learning this lesson.  The lesson, once learned, is vital to protect us from the greater immediate and future threats of biotechnology.

Transhumanism follows the same pattern. One recent example of transhumanism is the invention of ‘neural lace’, which is like a computer lattice placed directly onto the neocortex of the brain to interact with the brain.  This ‘neural lace’ bypasses the body’s natural defense layers (i.e., eyes, brain, skull) because the ‘neural lace’ is connected directly into the human tissue.  So the artificial intelligence interacts directly with the human brain without natural filtration. The predictable result of replacing biology with technology is the loss of natural character, injury, illness, disease, and biological death.  Indeed, even extraordinarily simple external computing applications today are causing neurodevelopmental issues. Virtually every owner of a smartphone or 3D video games is today addicted to the technology at some level.

The Fundamental Issue of Our Time

Modern history reveals we are increasingly dependent on the artificial.  And so the fundamental issue for our age is that we’re trying to replace biology with biotechnology. And the faster “progress” we make (i.e., vaccination, transhumanism, atomic particle manipulation) the more we overextend our ability to remove ourselves from our natural bond and symbiosis with Earth and fellow humans as living, organic people. We lose our tremendous abilities to protect and heal ourselves naturally.

I do not advocate for the abandonment of technology, but rather the precautionary principle and checks and balances to enforce sustainability of organic and natural humans, animals, plants, and planet.  Vaccines are not organic.

The exploration of our universe with safe and humane technology makes sense. By contrast, today’s hyper-technocratic society, beholden to industrial special interests, depends on an experimentation strategy with technology. This has already proven to be unsustainable because it is exponentially harming all biological systems. Indeed, many scholars have projected that we are on the verge of planetary crises caused by unsustainable yet highly profitable technologies.

Vaccines are one of those unsustainable yet highly profitable biotechnologies.

We Create Our Reality, Even Mandatory Vaccination, For Lessons

It is an inconvenient truth, but scientists agree that 54% of children in the United States are currently suffering one or more chronic illnesses under the current CDC vaccination schedule.  In every country, BigPharma is bursting at the seams trying to deny the obvious correlation between larger vaccine schedules and skyrocketing chronic illness numbers.  In America, because Pharma enjoys special interest legislation, making it legally immune from liability for vaccine injury, the government – our tax dollars – has paid more than $4billions to vaccine injury victims.

As a California lawyer, I receive phone calls and emails every day regarding injuries caused by one or more of the 32-vaccine doses the State has mandated for our schoolchildren.  How much more extreme does this trend need to get before we learn and change as people?

Mandatory vaccination bills such as SB 276 have targeted special needs children simply because they have not been designated to have a “CDC contraindication.” Pharma-sponsored legislators may mean well, but are engaged in a wholesale attack on natural and indigenous families who exercise their Constitutional right to decline the State-sponsored injections of biotechnology (pharmaceuticals/vaccines).  Indeed, it is every person’s Constitutional right to wisely and traditionally embrace natural health and lifelong natural immunity.

For example, multiple acts of Congress now recognize the inevitability of vaccine injuries.  And even the United States Supreme Court declared vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe” for product liability purposes. Bruesewitz v. Wyeth (2011).

While not a single child was injured or died in the United States from the hyped Disneyland measles outbreak in 2014-2015, that ultimately lead to the passage of mandatory MMR vaccine legislation across the country, during these same years the government data collection system on vaccine injury (VAERS) received 24 reports of children dying from a measles vaccine. VAERS received 106 reports of a child being permanently disabled from a measles vaccine.  VAERS reported 358 children being hospitalized from a measles vaccine and 1,939 reports of a child being rushed to the emergency room from a measles vaccine.

Remember also that the real number of vaccine injuries during that time was most likely exponentially higher: Since VAERS is a passive system, it is inherently subject to underreporting. For example, a confidential study conducted by Connaught Laboratories, a vaccine manufacturer, indicated that “a fifty-fold underreporting of adverse events” is likely.  According to David Kessler, former commissioner of the FDA, “only about one percent of serious events [adverse drug reactions] are reported.”

Anyone who believes that we should abandon Constitutional checks & balances so that we can simply allow international pharmaceutical companies to inject people only with toxin-containing drugs, claiming this is good for them is neither a historian nor a critical thinker.

Critical thinkers learn from history and experience.  They know how to read between the lines “vaccines are safe and effective” – and recognize is it an archaic slogan similar to calling a can of Spam, “America’s miracle meat!”

Calling vaccines safe and effective — it is not only untrue, but it is also corporate-sponsored advertising.


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Greg Glaser is a health freedom lawyer in California.

Photo credit for featured image: qimono (Pixabay)

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