The Short-Cut of Vaccination, Part 1

By Greg Glaser, JD, Vaxxter Contributor


I am a healthcare lawyer who works with both conventional and integrative physicians who heal people without vaccines every single day.  My clients consistently report to me that their unvaccinated patients are healthier overall than their vaccinated patients.  So I’m encouraged by scientific debate regarding immune system health.

Highly educated parents also observe the same phenomenon, such as where their older children were vaccine injured so the parents declined vaccination for their younger children.   I hear it all the time in my line of work, “my youngest never gets sick… he’s the healthiest one in his class”. So again, I’m not sold on Pharma’s suggestion that vaccines cannot be debated.

The health of unvaccinated children is observable in plain sight all over the world, so Pharma hasn’t been able to fully sweep these children under the rug or into whatever great vacuum the State happens to be running this year.  Instead, Pharma’s clever strategy has been to flip the paradigm and claim victim status for itself, “vaccines are the victims of their own success” they say.  Sorry Pharma, love you guys, but your own injury and death data objectively show that vaccines are not the successful saviors of the world, but rather the real heroes were the scientists and engineers who came before you and successfully implemented good hygiene, improved plumbing, and balanced diet to outsmart infection before your vaccine was even invented. This graph shows the mortality rate per 100,000 measles cases. When the vaccine was introduced in 1963, deaths from measles was essentially zero.

Vaccination has always been controversial because Pharma (although brilliant) always suspiciously claims to have outsmarted nature and saved society from yet another “public threat” that is literally nature itself.  To this very day, vaccination reveals an old battle still raging: force versus choice.

Where have we seen this before?

Automatic labeling of natural people as “public threats” is an old dragon, a dangerous prejudice in disguise, to subdue or preempt critical thinking about the quality of their character or content of their speech.

“Anti-vax” (technically “anti-vaccination”) is indeed a very old label that was popularized during the days of slavery in America.  And we observe today it is still rooted in prejudice – for example, the label is propagated chiefly by government and biotech interests to stoke ridicule toward a group of conscientious natural and indigenous people, many of whom are actually talented physicians who heal infectious illnesses regularly without vaccines, and many of whom are accomplished scientists seeking greater harmony between technology and nature.  Go figure. 

Logic of Association

Who are you?  You are told implicitly that you are an associate.

You associate yourself with things that become you, such as words, concepts, communities, life… even vaccination.

You are what you eat, what you like, what you speak, and so on.  Society reinforces (in part correctly) that your associations define you, not always by your intention but also by automatic association.

You like things the way you like them, but somethings you like because of automatic associations that transcend your control.  You even dislike things the way you like to dislike them, but, your mind’s automatic association processes will preconceive the way you observe outcomes.  So, your mind can be manipulated daily, even hourly.

This article will explain that vaccine biotechnology unnaturally manipulates an automatic immune process in your body.  In learning why vaccine biotechnology is unnatural, we’ll reveal a great paradigm about the power of association, and also about the unnecessary manipulation of technocratic dependency.

When you reach the fundamental root of your psychology, you find all your experience (even your identity) is connected to your power of association, or whatever combination of words you might prefer to call association (such as bonding, relationship, measurement, etc).

And this power of association that empowers you also empowers your biology and earth’s ecosystem.  It is important to identify this philosophical foundation because it helps connect the reasons why science is best rooted in finding harmony with nature, not eradicating it.

Public Health: What Are We Being Forced To Associate With? 

What is the lesson?

A vaccination is a targeted tool for biological association.  To understand anything about this subject, we must first learn what vaccination is. It is an extremely profitable pharmaceutical drug (biologic) made by taking pieces and parts of bacteria or viruses, or modified live viruses,  then cultivating them in media (and sometimes in aborted human fetal cells). The concoction is then mixed in a laboratory with toxic chemicals (such as formaldehyde found in cleaning supplies, aluminum found in cookware, insecticides, detergents, and more) or with food ingredients, (such as peanuts, eggs, chicken parts, and cow blood).  The final product is called a “licensed drug” and it is a patented biotechnology.

The slurry is then injected into the soft tissue of a human approximately 70 times, from birth to age 18, to repeatedly stimulate that human’s immune system at the time of the injection, and for years into the future.  How does a vaccine continue to stimulate years into the future? Because of association – the vaccine trains the body primarily to (1) associate the injected virus or bacteria with the simultaneously injected ingredients, and (2) to produce antibodies.

What does this mean?

It means the problem with vaccines is the way they “work.” The body doesn’t just learn to fight the target antigen of disease; the body learns to fight everything in the vaccine (including those ingredients). Over time, that takes a toll on a human which is fighting the injected material and leading to chronic inflammation. Fighting your aluminum cookware. Fighting your egg sandwich. Fighting the cleaning soap sprayed on your desk. What does this fight look like?  It can present at a loss of energy, joint pain, a runny nose, an allergic reaction, a skin disorder, a seizure, and even death. These chronic conditions and chronic illnesses are markers of repeated over-activation of the immune system.

But humans are resilient. Many are not primarily impacted by vaccines because their body didn’t primarily react to the vaccine itself or respond with an antibody response. These people are labeled as non-responders.

I’ll say it again, humans are resilient. We can take a punch any day of the week, that is we can fight our cookware on Monday and live to tell about it on Tuesday. Most of us can take a punch every day of the week, and many of us are born fighters.  But fighting takes its toll.  We have learned from the professional boxer – he looks strong on the outside at age 24, but when we look at this same man at age 40, we plainly see that even the strongest are not meant for the long term fight.

Ironically, Vaccines Teach Reaction Rather Than Learning

I thought we were supposed to be in harmony with nature?  The reason we are fighting nature is simply because we are not learning symbiosis.  We are not learning that we can heal ourselves naturally.  Ultimately, Pharma-funded government policy tends to favor biotechnology that replaces biology.

Through the power of association, vaccines teach the body to react instantly to every ingredient in the vaccine.  This automatic process obviates the need for the longer-term learning process that occurs through natural immunity over years and generations.

Nature is helping us as long as we seek symbiosis.  Our ancestors learned it is sustainable to develop natural immunity safely, not only through nature’s food and remedies, but especially through clean & sanitary living.  History has shown us that in the modern era of abundantly available foods & remedies, together with clean and sanitary living, only a tiny percentage of people ever suffer a fatal or debilitating fate due to infectious illness. Indeed, a little common sense is all that is needed to heal yourself.

Comparatively, vaccine injury is the new pandemic. It is interesting that our modern societies have not used the power of association and deeper learning to connect the dots with these facts. Instead, the majority of people have accepted the injection of biotechnology as a way to “health” rather than living responsibly and understanding the intrinsic mechanisms the support our health and our lives.


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Greg Glaser is a health freedom lawyer in California.

Photo credit for featured image: qimono (Pixabay)

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  1. How can we use the law (if there is any!) to resist being vaccinated against our will?

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