Vaccine companies recruiting pregnant women for experiments

Perth, Australian moms-to-be are needed for a world-first vaccine trial, aiming to protect their unborn babies from a deadly virus. In other words, the vaccine industry is recruiting pregnant women to participate in vaccine experiments.

The experimental details are listed on the website.

The Maternal RSV Vaccine Study aims to determine whether an RSV vaccine given to pregnant women during the third trimester can protect newborn babies from RSV infections.

Similar clinical studies have given investigational vaccines to pregnant women and have been proven to protect newborn babies against tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough) and influenza.

To help determine if the vaccine is effective against RSV some pregnant women will receive the RSV vaccine and others will receive a placebo vaccine.

Participants MUST be:

  • Aged 18 – 40 years; and

  • Pregnant and due to give birth on or before 30 June 2018

I’m not sure who trust the government and pharmaceutical companies enough to participate in a vaccine experiment, however, there must be mothers-to-be who do (clearly).

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4 Comments on "Vaccine companies recruiting pregnant women for experiments"

  1. But yet they say they can’t do a “Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed” study because it would be unethical…..helloooooo.

  2. They ain’t NO way I would be involved in an experiment if I was pregnant. My baby would not be used as a lab rat or guinea pig!!!!!!!!!!! Or me!!!

  3. Kate Svagdis | 04/20/2018 at 11:20 am | Reply

    please make available to tweet on Twitter

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