WATCH: Bill Gates Says ‘Reduce Population Using Vaccines’

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Sometimes our eyes and ears and our collective common sense is the best way to see through the lies. Because often times, the truth is right before us, in plain site, too egomaniacal to consider we might figure them out.

Watch the following video. Listen to the words the man says.

This is the voice of arrogance and globalism. Yet the masses are the accused conspiracy theorist.

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Geoengineering conspiracy. Not so much.

Photo by jurvetson



7 Comments on "WATCH: Bill Gates Says ‘Reduce Population Using Vaccines’"

  1. Ixora Roberts | 04/17/2017 at 10:30 pm | Reply

    It also does not show where he is asked what his solution to world Overpopulation would be..and with a smirck on his face responded…Vaccinations….!!

    • Please try to understand this:

      1) In poor countries where childhood mortality is high, families have lots of children to ensure enough of them make it to adulthood to provide financial support and continue the family.
      2) When healthcare and vaccinations reduce childhood mortality, families *choose* to have fewer children, which on a global scale can help to mitigate overpopulation
      3) So, vaccines aren’t reducing population by *killing* people, it’s by allowing families to *choose* to have 1-2 children instead of 5-6 children, and increase their wealth and quality of life in the process.

      It’s well-established knowledge. Hans Rosling has done a number of very informative, very easy to understand lectures on it. I would urge you to look into that, and not jump to the mad conclusions that this website continually pushes.

  2. SIck SOB, SO TWISTED! Crooks tell on themselves!

  3. Mr. Gates made another questionable reference later in the video. He talked about the density of population in areas of India and Pakistan and that those areas can’t grow enough food. Somehow he proposed that providing vaccines to those areas would help.
    Overall, I thought Dr. Gupta was not well-informed, especially about Andrew Wakefield, and made no effort to clarify statements made by Mr. Gates.

    • Gupta and Gates are both part of the One World Order. Depopulation of the planet is part of the plan. Control given to the United Nations and the elimination of our nation’s sovereignty was the plan that got derailed with not electing Hillery.

  4. Improved infant mortality leads to less babies, most likely because people aren’t as worried about becoming empty nesters.

    Please ask questions before assuming the worse of someone.

  5. Thousands and thousands of children are being killed by measles and whooping cough because they haven’t been vaccinated? What planet does Bill Gates come from? And as far as “all the other studies that show there is no connection between autism and vaccines, look at the authors. Poul Thorsen is on nearly every single one of those studies. He’s a crook that took $3 million from CDC to do vaccine research and put nearly $2million in his own accounts and never did the research. He’s on the Most Wanted list. And another author on these same ‘scientific studies’, Kreesten Madsen, has had her emails come to light where she was working with CDC to cherrypick the data to prove vaccines are safe.

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