What’s Up With the Wildfires?

Americans are used to hearing about California wildfires every year, like the 2018 Camp Fire, the nation’s deadliest wildfire in 100 years. However, the California wildfires are miniscule compared to the current Canadian wildfires burning out of control. They are the worst fires in Canadian history.

What Caused the Fires: A Reasonable Explanation

On its surface, the mainstream media provides a reasonable explanation for the “worst-ever year of wildfire destruction”, citing warm and dry conditions in Canada. Well, duh! Isn’t it always warm and dry during the summer? There are some interesting takeaways on the British Columbia government website. One would think that the fires would be the top news story, but they’re not. Instead, the top stories are about pharmacists now being able to prescribe contraceptives, and British Columbia citizens being invited to help develop anti-racism legislation. The fire stories are further down the page. And a campfire ban was put in place June 8, despite the fact that these fires began in early May. A little slow to the game, eh B.C.?

Certainly, heat and drought are factors. Some places had the driest April ever. Forest mismanagement also contributes to a more severe fire season. Remember when President Trump openly lectured Gavin Newsom about this? Newsom was begging for federal money, and Trump wasn’t sure he was going to give it because Gavin’s forest management was no bueno.

Do you really have to ask what caused the fires? You should know already! It is climate change! But it’s not just regular old climate change, it is man-made climate change. Oh wait, man-made is sexist (and racist). Human-caused climate change. There, that’s better. Because scientists say! Whether these scientists are being handsomely paid to create the climate change narrative (much like they did the COVID narrative) will have to be a topic for a different article. Remember the good old days when this used to be called global warming? That is, until NASA showed that the Antarctic snow accumulation that began 10,000 years ago is actually adding ice to the continent. Oops. Change the name. Continue the narrative.

And what causes human-driven climate change? A century of burning of fossil fuels by the evil oil companies, that’s what!. People believe this because prestigious groups like the National Academy of Sciences have “findings” like this. This is an actual sentence: “Temperature, not the availability of trees, is the primary factor limiting the size of fires.” Really? I always thought trees were kinda crucial to a forest fire, but scientists say, so…

They tell us of a grim future in which California’s future fires burn up to 50 percent more land than the fires of today. Is this real science or another fear tactic, which they are ever so good at?

An Alternative Explanation

The reality today is that fires are burning in nearly all (9 out of 13) Canadian provinces. “The distribution of fires from coast to coast this year is unusual,” say officials. Fires usually only occur in western Canada, but the worst area affected is Quebec in eastern Canada, where officials explain that multiple fires were ignited by lightning. More area has burned than usual, too. Way more. Estimates are that 13 times the national average has burned; over the last 20 years, such a large area has never burned so early in the season.

Of the 413 active fires, 249 are said to be burning out of control and may burn all summer. One-third of Canada is forested (900 million acres), and this year, millions of forested acres have been destroyed by these fires. The Donnie Creek Fire in Alberta, Canada is now officially over one million acres burned. And it is all because of climate change. Oh, and lightning. Did you know that climate change increases lightning strikes, even very rare forms of lightning?

Could there be another explanation, like maybe human-caused wildfires? Or we could call it human-caused forest change. Could there be more at play here than an unattended campfire?

In other words, are the fires being intentionally set?

As I looked at articles for research, one article claimed no evidence for the Canadian fires being intentionally set, and it was literally next to an article showing that 11 fires (buildings, not forest) were indeed intentionally set in one day, showing that it is indeed within the realm of possibility.

Residents of Quebec are wondering why all the fires seemed to have started in one day and appear to have gone up in flames at the same time, later confirmed by satellite imagery. People across Canada say the fires came out of nowhere, and farmers saw giant mushroom clouds preceding the fires. Could the “rare forms of lightning” be a possible explanation? Or is Canada a victim of mass arson?

Naturally, the naysayers quickly chalked these questions up to conspiracy theory. I mean, why would anyone want to set a fire to boost a climate change agenda? It has happened in the past, though. A few years ago, a US West Coast wildfire surge was the work of arsonists, including Antifa members, caught on security cameras intentionally setting fire to people’s homes. We have climate groups gluing themselves to buildings and defiling priceless artwork with paint spatter, so is it really a far stretch to think they wouldn’t light a match?

Nope, it is not even possible, officials say. At the same time officials say they are still investigating the Canadian wildfires, the Alberta experts are quick to plant in our minds several likely causes including powerlines, the oil and gas industry, the banks who fund the oil and gas industry, the forest industry, the railroad industry and general causes. Notice that psychotic ecoterrorist groups are not on the list. These groups views climate as a religion and in their zealotry would do ANYTHING because climate is EVERYTHING. It couldn’t be weather modification or geoengineering. It just couldn’t be. And if you think this climate zealotry is not mainstream, look at the image below and think again.

Canadian officials describe the fires as unprecedented, but  its not just Canada that is on fire. When Trump criticized Newsom, the president cited Finland as a role model for forest management. As I was researching Finland’s forestry technique, I learned that Finland is on fire, too. The reason: climate change. The Netherlands is burning, too.

Every continent seems to be on fire. The NASA map below correlates well with the tree cover loss map from Global Forest Watch, and they note that tree loss is not always caused by deforestation. Correct, it can also be caused by militant global groups, but to what end?




The End Game

Are the globalists playing out their end game? And if so, what are we the people left with? Millions of burned acres. Burned homes and buildings. Whole towns gone. Dead people. Dead firefighters. Dead wildlife and farm animals. Acreage that can no longer be farmed.

We are left with lack of information from a media who tells us exactly What We Need to Know About The Wildfires, and we can’t ask questions about why 11,000 lightning strikes occurred in a 72-hour period in 2020 in California, leading to devastating wildfires there.

We are left devastated. People in these areas rarely rebuild, struggling with agencies like FEMA to get what the US government had promised them. A year after the California Camp Fire destroyed 11,000 homes, only 11 had been rebuilt. Now, the Reese Report tells us that the Canadians are taking a page from the US playbook and creating a new (and special) federal national disaster response agency. It’s their very own FEMA! Is the government of Canada, and other corrupt governments around the world, letting their own countries burn? Are they creating a problem so devastating that our populace reaction is outcry, and then the government comes in to provide a solution? Canada is creating its very own FEMA. See how this works? But it’s okay now, because the FEMA agencies will likely move displaced people into a 15-minute city.

We are left with worry because 30 tons of the explosive accelerant ammonium nitrate disappeared from a train somewhere between Wyoming and California. It won’t burn on its own but mixed with wood it quickly ignites and burns everything in sight.

We are left wondering. Did these chemicals make their way into Canada? What is creating the orange haze in the New York skies? Is it the fire suppressant powder dropped from airplanes or is it the lost ammonium nitrate?

We are left in an unhealthy medical predicament. Pulmonologist Pierre Kory remembers the government lying about the post-9/11 New York air being clean. It wasn’t then, and it isn’t now as the severe smoke from the Canadian fires converges on the Big Apple. People are reporting a metallic burning smell and dust and ash accumulation. For those who have hit their upper limit of how much inflammation their bodies can tolerate, the toxic air conditions are extremely damaging.

We are left reminded that governments can burn down homes. After all, the Kristallnacht occurred 75 years ago in 1938 when Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels instructed state police to burn Jewish homes, businesses and places of worship. The police were also directed to arrest as many Jews as possible, and the concentration camps were prepared for their arrivals. In Canada, forced evacuations of 120,000 people on the coast of Quebec as well as Nova Scotia have occurred thus far. During Kristallnacht, firemen were told to do nothing to stop the blazes. Notably, in the Reese Report referenced above, retired Canadian forestry technicians and firefighters put together a team of firefighters to volunteer support to the government. Their request was denied.

But don’t worry, and certainly don’t ask questions. Rest assured it is all just climate change, because the government is telling us that it is.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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