White Knight Takes Remdesivir Bishop; Remdesivir Queen Takes White Knight

Reprinted with permission from Mathew Crawford of Rounding the Earth substack

In one of the earliest articles at RTE, I warned readers that Fauci’s exit would be presented as a victory to the dissidents of the Medical Freedom Movement (MFM).

From that article,

Remember that Fauci is a “young” 137 years old, so he is very likely within 20 or so months of a natural death, and Nuremberg-esque trials are designed as lengthy sacrifices that distract attention from the queening of all the pawns. Be careful what spectacle you wish for.

The news is now in: Jeanne Marrazzo has been queened to replace Fauci.

So, who is she?

Some of the media is telling the story that Marrazzo is an expert on sexually transmitted diseases.

From that Vox article,

“For STIs, we need better therapeutics, vaccines, and point-of-care diagnostics,” said David Harvey, director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “These are all things that Dr. Marrazzo happens to be an absolute expert at, and we’re very excited and hopeful that more resources will be put into these priorities.”

Although Marrazzo’s new role will give her a lot of power over the scientific community’s research priorities, it will also require her to tangle with political decision-makers who’ve often been overtly hostile to science. But even here there’s a sense that her forthright and sensitive communication style will be a strength, given her track record as a public commentator on a range of public health issues.

As the head of NIAID, Marrazzo will lead decisions on which scientific priorities deserve backing from the agency’s multi-billion dollar budget — and will be responsible for convincing Congress she’s made the right choices. And if Fauci’s precedent stands, she may also play an important role helping the public navigate confusing moments in public health (and I’m sorry to say this, the next pandemic).

Money. Priorities. Vaccines. HIV.

But there is an important underlying story not far below the surface.

Queen Remdesivir

Back in July 2020, Marrazzo hit my radar because I saw a woman from the University of Alabama where my wife got her PhD absurdly calling out doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine.

She makes no mention of the work of Dr. Didier Raoult, or the track records of Drs. Tyson and Fareed (or any of the several other doctors treating thousands of patients successfully). She makes no mention of the Surgisphere scandal or how the WHO trials routed around any sort of reasonable protocol. She does not talk about the high proportion of PrEP, PEP, and early treatment trials that showed positive results (statistically significant or not). She just drops “irresponsible and despicable“.

Personally, I see pushing conclusions while sidestepping the evidence something like “irresponsible and despicable”. A first year student (undergrad or grad, selected to care at that stage) should understand most of these issues. So, I wanted to know who this woman was.

Marrazzo arrived at UAB after my wife had finished her doctorate and started a post doc here in Texas, so I jumped into internet research. I quickly found that Marrazzo oversaw the trials at UAB in which remdesivir was tested as a treatment for Ebola.


Interestingly, Marrazzo’s Wikipedia profile skips over this seemingly important historical fact! That profile, which was made new only after the plandemonium got started in 2020 never included a single reference to that work (unless that editing was itself scrubbed).


What we do learn from that article is that Marrazzo is a champion of the LGBT community (check the box) who focuses on female reproductive effects of infectious disease (an odd specialization for somebody not interested in having children?), and previously worked at the heavily Gates-funded University of Washington. That is one of the few universities allowed to conduct PCR testing early in 2020 while the CDC and FDA spent weeks sorting out a test that could have been designed by any of tens of thousands of scientists in a heartbeat. The University of Washington also happens to be the home of the MetaCenter for Pandemic Preparedness and Global Health Security (now “The UW Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness“, an unnecessary name change that makes me wonder what paper trail just got swept under the rug).

Before that, Marrazzo completed her residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital, a location I’ve been highly interested in since a former student of mine working there erased data he was sharing with me in 2020 on the positive performance of hydroxychloroquine used on patients there.

Marrazzo is a congenial, well-spoken woman who is a product of the power centers of Harvard, Yale, and the Washington Gatesphere. How does Alabama fit in?

As a former resident of Alabama with numerous family members in politics there over the past several decades, I’ll point out that Alabama’s economy has never been particularly well distributed. While the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Auburn University, and perhaps even the University of Alabama, Huntsville (which works with NASA) may all be better known, the vast sums of money from medical research propelled UAB into the political driver’s seat as the state’s largest employer. The only other large lobby is the teachers union which lost a lot of sway and luster during the scandal that turned the state politics from blue to red. In other words, UAB was the perfect place to incubate an unseen queen. Even her most famous work directing remdesivir research nearly went unnoticed.


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Mathew Crawford is an Educator, Entrepreneur, Statistician, Finance Specialist, and Founder of Rounding the Earth.

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