Kansas To Force Vaccinate Their Child But He’s Fighting Back

A Kansas couple is now at war with the Kansas Department for Children and Families. “DCF,” as the organization is commonly termed, intends to vaccinate their grandson against their wishes.

Linus and Terri Baker are the foster parents for their 2-year old grandson. The child has never been vaccinated due to religious beliefs. But because the child is in foster care, the state actually has controlling interest in his affairs. The temporary state custody allows the state to choose to vaccinate the child an they’ve given the Bakers notice that that’s exactly what will happen.

The Bakers argue this is against their constitutional rights and that this is a prime example of government overreach. They also feel the state is partaking in a religious war.

“They’ve become the religious police,” said Linus Baker, a lawyer who lives in southern Johnson County.

The way the system works, the state has the ultimate say, unfortunately. This leaves the Bakers in the precarious position of fighting Goliath. Additionally, Linus Baker contends that the child has been the subject of open heart surgery making the vaccination process a potentially unsafe undertaking.

So now what? The Bakers have filed a Federal lawsuit not only regarding their case, but also regarding mandatory vaccines in schools which Linus termed “unconstitutional” as well. So the fight, it seems, is going to be a much broader litigation.

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