WATCH: Pediatrician ‘Kids Are Sicker Than Ever’

“I can tell you today, having been in clinical practice for over 30 years, that the children I see today are sicker than they were when I was a resident.”

Dr. Franz, a practicing pediatrician with a 30 year history in the Orlando area, comes clean on her feelings regarding the state of children’s health. She says that children are now “sicker then ever” and that’s caused her to perform her own research.

She says she began to see “truly vaccine-injured kids.” This was following the 1980’s when vaccine schedules began to ramp up.

They said, “My child was fine until they got this shot, and then within a week we lost them.” Not dead, but they quit having eye contact, they lost language…

And I heard that so often, that I began doing research.



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  1. Susan Pennington | 05/09/2017 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    I had my child on a delayed schedule and now his Dr. is retiring. I am at a loss…he is almost 2 and is way behind (and normal) I dont know which direction to go in. I HAVE A VERY BAD FEELING ABOUT THESE VACCINATIONS. Please opinion welcome! TIA

    • “Let your fingers do the walking…” Start calling around to find another DOCTOR – you don’t need a pediatrician! You can try a family physician (MD or DO), nurse practitioner, or even pediatric chiropractor. In fact, this may be a very good time to do a little more reading and stop vaccines altogether. You didn’t mention the state you are in, but Dr Bob Sears has a list of “vaccine-friendly” doctors on his website.

  2. I’ve been a nurse for 30 years and the patients are younger and so many sicknesses. My kids were always sick, seizures, tick, asthma, allergies to green stuff? If only I had made the connection. Now it’s time to retrain and teach my young adults this new knowledge I’ve learnt the last year or so. I really hope I don’t have grandchildren with the current health care regime!

  3. Yes! They cause an imbalance of pathogens in gut – which leads to leaky gut – which leads to many, many allergies, – which for some children leads to autism. And for some autistic children, this leads to autoimmunity with the body attacking itself in the gut and the brain. Many suffer from chronic pain depending on what they eat, etc. This leads to self-injury and aggression for many of them.

    Less than two days after my non-autistic daughter’s second round of 7 vaccine doses at 4 months old, she became allergic to her milk-based formula and later began throwing up most food. Our son was not born autistic but had eczema (probably due to vitamin k shot, some contain aluminum). His eczema became much worse after his first two rounds of 7 vaccine doses. We put him on a special, expensive, free amino acid-based formula. I took a break from shots when he started showing some signs autism. I think around that time we also took off the AA formula and put him on goat’s milk.

    Then at 2 years old, he got 5 more vaccines and later that year, he got 9 doses at once including, MMR and Pediarix in which gave him a fourth dose of hepatitis B (you’re only supposed to get three Hep B vaccines total.) Before this, he showed no signs of self-injury or aggression, but after this round of shots and as we expanded his diet, he started self-injury and aggression. The GAPS Intro Diet with probiotics, magnesium, etc. are improving him a lot, plus people are praying for him. He’s now 14 years old. I wish I had started the diet, fermented foods, etc a long time ago.

    • Every time I read one of these stories, I vacillate between being wanting to cry and wanting to punch someone – specifically, the uninformed and oblivious pediatricians. How can they ignore these symptoms and stupidly scratch their collective heads, wondering why children are so sick. We blame the pharmaceutical industry; really, the DOCTORS ARE THE PROBLEM. The true cost of vaccination should include the years of illness/therapies/special foods/etc and loss of future life potential. Among these injured children are lost astronauts, engineers, accountants, sales reps, inventors, and more. This is why I work so hard to get parents to WAKE UP before their personal travesty occurs. Thanks for sharing your story, Lori. Please keep spreading the word: VACCINATION: A 200-YEAR MISTAKE.

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