Video Exposes Richard Pan Lying To Government Officials

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When California Senator Richard Pan claimed it wasn’t about forcing vaccinations, he wasn’t telling the truth. And although most realized the nefarious inclination, some simply agreed with it.

But that’s the problem. And now California is left to clean up the mess. The slippery slope is nice and greased up for even more government overreach into parental medical rights. If you think this stops with just a few vaccines, or even in public schools, you can rest assured you are regretfully mistaken.

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2 Comments on "Video Exposes Richard Pan Lying To Government Officials"

  1. Marcia Mc Farland | 12/08/2017 at 12:10 am | Reply

    I have family living in California and they are packing up and leaving. Droves of people are doing the same. Not only is it a haven for illegal alien criminals who commit and get away with murder, it’s a state that practices genocide by vaccine on its citizens! No wonder it’s burning up. All those fires very aptly symbolize the utter HELL the California government is inflicting on the unfortunate people that “live” there.

    • Where are they moving to? Staying in the US or are they leaving the country? This discussion comes up periodically. Would be very interested in hearing how they made their choices.

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