Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ‘Pharma’s Gold Rush Is Vaccines’

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Apr. 20, 2017 – 5:35 – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. details questions about the safety of vaccines, battles with pharmaceutical companies trying to silence him and the possibility of forming a vaccine commission.

Kennedy Jr. does not hold back in the slightest, saying bluntly that mercury is still found prominently in many vaccines, including the flu shot.

‘[Mercury] Most Potent, Non-Radioactive Neurotoxin Known To Man’

He also says that he isn’t anti-vaccine, he is rather, wanting safer vaccines. Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, makes clear he doesn’t agree with all of Kennedy Jr.’s stances but does feel he “isn’t crazy” in his assessment.

The winds of change in the vaccine industry have settled down some as Trump’s rhetoric over the matter has declined. Additionally, vaccine enthusiast and profiteer, Bill Gates, has met with Trump twice since the election. Let’s hope Trump isn’t flopping on such an important matter as vaccine safety is.


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