Toxicologist Says Parents Deserve Informed Consent With Vaccines

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“My stance on vaccines is honestly, that parents should be able to make the decision for themselves.”

A toxicologist mother, who has a vaccine injured son, is now making the rounds in hopes of contributing to a change in how we see informed consent. She wants to spread the word that vaccines can be harmful, but moreover, that parents should have the right to choose their children’s medical undertakings.

“They absolutely have to research the information for themselves, there is so much information out there.”

She goes on, “I was shocked at all the scientific research out there that I’d never heard about.”

She also says that a genetic mutation in some children stops them from being able to detoxify foreign substances, which inherently causes the vaccine injury.

Follow-up interview on vaccines after Sara’s son was illegally denied enrollment in a local elementary school over an unnecessary immunization exemption form. A segment on vaccines was to air on August 30th.

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