Hugh Hefner’s Anti-Vaccine Past Lives On In Death

hugh hefner anti-vaccine

Hugh Hefner, the iconic, the controversial, owner of Playboy magazine, passed away at 91 years of age on Wednesday. Though Hefner’s occupation consistently placed him in an epicenter of moral controversy, his passing has largely been used as a time to celebrate his life. Some have called him an advocate of free speech.

Of course, others have pointed out his “moral depravity,” assuring us that Hefner’s polarizing being has not passed for everyone.

But beyond the obvious, some chose to dig up Hefner’s potential “anti-vaccine” position.

Back in 2008, Hefner attended a fundraiser for “Jenny McCarthy’s autism charity Generation Rescue.” And since that moment, the staunchly pro-vaccine brigades have classified him as an “anti-vaxxer.” And it seems that even in death, some feel the need to go on the attack.

Here’s the problem, if it weren’t already obvious. This is the method, the strategy, commonly used by liberal, pro-vaccine groups to root out any possible dissension. Specifically, with Hefner, he attended a fundraiser, so he’s automatically linked under the sweeping generalization of “anti-vaxxer.”

What if Hefner were there merely to support his former playmate and the entire situation was without savvy or wit? Or, more reasonably, what if Hefner is simply for safer vaccines?

These questions are important because the war on those who choose to not vaccinate starts by culling out any indications of dissent. If you don’t want a flu shot, they lump you in as an anti-vaxxer. If you don’t want to get your teen a Gardasil vaccine, even though you’ve had other vaccines administered to your child, you are an anti-vaxxer. This indoctrination of the herd propels the herd to attack even the slightest of inhibitions. And that’s the pro-vaccine formula. It is evident with Hefner.

There have been other celebrities who have simply questioned vaccines at some level. Holly Robinson Peete, who has a child with Autism, has questioned the amount of vaccines given during single visits. She’s an anti-vaxxer for such inquisitions.

There should be nothing wrong with asking questions. You only fear questions if you fear what answers may be discovered. Hefner takes his “scarlet letter” to his grave, even though in life, he did hardly enough to earn it. He attended one event, potentially making a donation. He has never made statements. But is it possible he would have if the rabble hadn’t been so threatening towards his business? Admitting your feelings on vaccines can be costly, both personally and professionally.

Many believe that attacking Trump supporters is something new as if we reached an apex. But this behavior started in vaccines. It spread to climate change. And now, with Trump, it is a more sophisticated version.

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