Alex Jones Goes Off On Jeff Bezos In Whole Foods

alex jones whole foods

Alex Jones took on Whole Foods and Jeff Bezos over what he is describing as a monopolization of the supplement industry. Jones, who is known to sell health supplements, claims the chain has dismissed including his products.

Jones, as well as some of his staffers serving as videographers/commentators, say that Whole Foods and Jeff Bezos intentionally slander supplements they choose not to sell on false grounds.

The video starts off awkwardly with Jones and a Whole Foods customer who claims to have proof of “Pizza Gate” on his iPhone. The man shows messages and an image, which is censored by Jones, on his phone. At this juncture, Jones’ team is being removed from the inside of the store by management.

Jones’ showmanship reaches astronomical heights at around the 8-minute mark when Jones starts yelling at security guards from off-property.

“Jeff Bezos is ripping you off, he owns Whole Foods!” Jones yells.

“Bezos thinks your smucks, he made 12 million dollars in one day!” He continues, as he also calls out for his followers to make the journey¬†to Whole Foods and do “your own reporting from inside.”

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