Now’s the Time – All Hands On Deck

There’s a lot is going on politically that just might be what we need to elevate the censorship of Vaccine Education and Vaccine Choice to the mainstream debate. 
  • Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA)  filed a $250M lawsuit against Twitter for shadowbanning and censoring 
  • Facebook blocks Trump’s social media chief: ‘Why are you silencing me?’ – in response, POTUS sent out a Tweet that said, “I will be looking into this! #StopTheBias ” 
  • released an AMAZING 4-minute video  on how our Religious Exemptions are Constitutionally protected and yet are under assault from the drug companies 
  • In Maine, these two stellar testimonies were given:
    • Amazing, 3-minute testimony from a 14-year-old scholar, musician, athlete – someone who (hopefully) will drive Ethan Linderberger into an embarrassing oblivion 
    • A testimony given from a Maine State Senator who lost a daughter to a DTP vaccine
  • And then TODAY (3/19/19), RFKJr was scheduled for a solo-debate on vaccine rights and vaccine safety against five highly credentialed scientists from Yale, a discussion positioned to refute mandatory vaccination bills in Connecticut. But this is the headline of what happened: “FIVE YALE EXPERTS FLEE FROM RFK Jr.” They all BACKED OUT …at 3 am. Yep, they all bailed – like rats scattering in the light. They have NO facts to stand on… and it’s become more and more clear they know it. 
RFK’s last comment on his Instagram statement sums it up:
“…Right now I’m thinking of how blatant, how anti-democratic and fundamentally anti-American the censorship has become. I’ll be thinking today of all the Moms who are silenced when they try to tell their stories. They can only win by silencing us. #phascism.”
This is the same thing that happened at the One Conversation event in Atlanta last fall. The “Big Wigs” didn’t show up to debate me, Del BigTree, Toni Bark MD, Bob Sears MD, James Lyons-Weiler PhD and Chris Shaw PhD. 
Their behavior makes it so obvious they don’t have a single fact to stand on:

Q: Show us the studies that PROVE safety.

A: Eh, well we don’t have any – we’ve never tested a vaccine against a true placebo – and oh yea, we have to admit that the US Supreme Court said vaccines were UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE.

Q: Show us that vaccines are effective – i.e. they keep people from getting sick.

A: Well, eh, every retrospective analysis that has ever been done shows that most who contracted the infection [measles, mumps, pertussis, influenza, etc] had 1-2 or 3 vaccines.

Q: Show us that vaccines don’t cause harm.

A: Well, the US Govt has paid >$4B in claims…and estimates show this is less than 10% of injuries that occur. There are thousands of VAERS reports – but we dismiss these reports as “subjective” because we prefer to call parents, grandparents, guardians and even physicians “liars” because they don’t go along with the safe/effective mantra. And we KNOW that vaccine injuries are rare, less than 1-in-a-million doses. We all know MEASLES is deadly – what’s wrong with those people? 

Q: Show us why the Hepatitis B vaccine is necessary at birth in the US – what information dictates that there is a need to protect 1-day old babies against this infection?

A: Well, there is no data. In fact, we only test the original vaccine on 5 to 10-year-old kids and we based the recommendation for this vaccine at birth on statistics that hepatitis B was endemic in 10% of the population in SE Asia. We did not have an epidemic of hepatitis B in children then, or now. And we couldn’t get gays and drug addicts to take the first version of the vaccine (because it was suspected to spread HIV). And, if knew if we tossed this vaccine into the infant schedule, we’d have 100% liability protection. Pretty slick, eh? 

Q: Show us how Gardasil really prevents cancer.

A: Well, eh, there is none. We have no idea if this will prevent cancer 40 years FROM NOW. In fact, the vaccine antibodies probably only hang around for about 5 years.


We need to resort back to FAXING information all our legislative representatives.
The value of FAX is that the sender’s area code is at the top of the page. Send a fax to Congressman Nunes, Melania, POTUS, every one of your legislators  – state and national.
If you don’t have a fax machine,  go to OfficeMax or FedEx or similar service.
Here an Action Alert you can use. It’s a really great template to MAKE YOUR OWN message. This was put together by Jennifer at Vaccine Choice – thank you! 
  • We need everyone in this battle.
  • All hands on deck.
  • NOW is the time for full steam ahead.
  • Listen to this one minute video to get inspired! 

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