GoFundMe Bans ‘Vaccine Misinformation’ Fundraising

One of the most popular crowdfunding websites online is banning any campaigns that promote “misinformation” regarding vaccines.

According to The Daily Beastonline communities and individuals have raised over $170,000 through GoFundMe over a four-year span. GoFundMe spokesman, Bobby Whithorne, says that vaccine misinformation now “violates GoFundMe’s terms of service.” This results in its removal from the platform.

Melissa Sullivan, the executive vice president for Health Choice Connecticut, says the move is a clear “violation of the First Amendment.” GoFundMe follows similar paths to Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook.

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1 Comment on "GoFundMe Bans ‘Vaccine Misinformation’ Fundraising"

  1. Hi Teri,
    Japan is not a vaccine free country. Here is the 2018 recommended vaccine schedule. And they do give MMR. The “routine” schedule means the govt will pay for the vaccines if the parents go this route. The “ voluntary” schedule means the parents will pay out of pocket if they go that route. https://www.jpeds.or.jp/uploads/files/20180801_JPS%20Schedule%20English.pdf

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