When Your Animal Screams NOOOOO!!!

Reprinted with permission from Dr. Will Falconer, DVM

Your animal’s eyes scream no, but Dr. Whitecoat stifles that cry: “Hang on, Flopsy, this is GOOD FOR YOU!”

I don’t know if this kind of craziness is happening in human medicine, but it happens all too often in veterinary medicine. Let me relay a story to you.

“Dr. Ava Frick gave me your name and information and said you might be interested in hearing about my 3-year-old schoodle’s (her name is Hazel) rabies-induced vasculitis. Hazel had a rabies and bordatella vaccine on 6/6/2022 and experienced facial swelling within a few hours. She was dosed with benadryl.”

Okay, treating an illness resulting from a vaccine side effect… but then?

“The following year, each of Hazel’s vaccines were separated by two weeks and she was dosed benadryl before each one to avoid any adverse reactions. On 5/27/23, Hazel received her 1-year rabies vaccine; four months later, she developed signs of rabies-induced vasculitis at the sight of her injection on her right thigh.”

A three-year-old. Vaccinated the next year for rabies? Why, in heaven’s name?

Immunologists have long said annual vaccines fail to work and we know there’s no such thing as a “safe” vaccine.

The US Supreme Court ruled in 2011 that vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe.”

Perhaps worse, this young dog’s violent response was hoped to be suppressed with drugs and separation, rather than ruled as a strong point for waiving future vaccines in this, by now, likely immune dog.

And, it didn’t help.

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Months later, a clinician from academia nailed it:

“Dr. Karen Campbell of the Missouri Veterinary Dermatology Center performed a punch biopsy of Hazel’s injection site on 10/19/23 with a diagnosis of granulomatous panniculitis and dermal ischemia with alopecia (highly suggestive of rabies vaccine). It has been recommended that Hazel not receive subsequent vaccines. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.”

My advice?

No further vaccines in this poor dog’s life.

Her owner said:

“Hazel is a Certified Therapy Dog and AKC Good Citizen and we are hoping she can continue these pursuits with titers only. Thank you so much and please let me know if I can provide any other information about this battle we are facing.”

Why, oh why, should there be any battle going on here?

What’s behind the push to vaccinate an obviously overreactive, already damaged animal?

Is it profit alone?

Or do her vets, in their heart of hearts, really think vaccines are safe and/or effective for this dog, and her benefit from more will far outweigh the risk to her health?


For anyone facing this kind of craziness, I’ve got a couple of resources on my site that should help you. And maybe, just maybe, your vet, has a somewhat open mind and hasn’t been captured by the Big Pharma Religiosity that seems to be dominating our beleaguered planet at present.

Vaccinations: Your Very Own Waiver (part of my free vaccine awareness series)

Here are some Waiver Templates for groomers you can sign and others for a sympathetic vet to riff off of if he or she is open to help you avoid Vaccine Madness.

As you’ll see in the first link, it’s largely going to be up to YOU to put your foot down and refuse unnecessary vaccines.

And, by unnecessary, yes, I’m including rabies if you have a past vaccinated animal, “laws” not withstanding.

[If you want to know why I’m long in the habit of putting “rabies laws” in quotes, be sure and take my free Rabies Short Course. It’s an eye opening history lesson that will help you see things differently when your local vet starts acting like he’s been deputized to jab your pet repeatedly.]

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