Pandemic Treaty: Battle Won. Will WHO Ultimately Win the War?

Despite fervent efforts over the last year to negotiate a legally binding agreement for 194 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) scrapped its efforts this past week for what has come to be known as the Pandemic Treaty (recently renamed the Pandemic Agreement.)

The Tenpenny Report has been covering the treaty for over a year. Here’s our latest recap, which refers to all our past articles. They are all definitely worth a read as it will give the reader the full history of why and how this treaty started.

The Pandemic Agreement would give WHO the unprecedented power to declare health emergencies, and in doing so, override national sovereignty and do just about anything in the name of health, such as force vaccine mandates and lockdowns and censor speech in opposition to the WHO measures.

In fact, it was the “opposition” and free speech which squelched the WHO’s evil plan. Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus began sounding the alarm in January 2024, stating that his momentum behind the pandemic agreement was impeded by “a torrent of fake news, lies, and conspiracy theories”. He warned that the treaty was at risk for falling apart and that future generations “may not forgive us”.

He was understandably upset, as he himself convened an “independent” panel in May 2021 to address the world’s abysmal response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a clear case of problem-reaction-solution, complete with all the wording that any bleeding heart will fall for: global health equity hangs in the balance. It’s the “no country left behind” mantra. Where have we heard this before?

No, it doesn’t. What hangs in the balance is stopping these evil overlords from the ultimate power grab – the one for your health. In March, Tedros started really sweating bullets, and began strong arming countries into signing the agreement. Tedros pulled out all the stops, recruiting nearly 50 former national Presidents and former Prime Ministers – even Nobel laureates! – to “encourage” nations to get on board. The WHO worked overtime to try to shove this treaty down our collective throats. They had outlets like working overtime to help craft a message that nations would maintain their sovereignty. This is a flat out lie.

In the end, the agreement is an utter failure. The group was riddled by infighting, and failed to produce a finished document. In their effort to seize world power, they skipped some of the pesky details, such as exactly how to make this agreement legally binding, and how to protect Big Pharma intellectual property (IP). Oops. Basically, the countries have a mammoth amount of information they still need to agree on.

Now, the WHO is proposing that nations sign an unfinished document in June 2024, agreeing to work out the details later. Yeah, right! Who would sign this?

However, these bozos just appear to be befuddled. This is actually what they want – an empty agreement that nations sign, allowing WHO to set up the exact infrastructure they want to literally rule over us. Who’s to say that we wouldn’t be in a perpetual state of pandemic, giving WHO the ultimate power to control our lives forever. Let’s face it, they can’t show us what they really plan to do, because none of us would ever go for it.

For example, Article 13 of the draft is supposed to address supply chain and logistics, but actually says that the WHO will develop its own system for managing vaccine-related compensation and liability. Translation: we are going to handsomely compensate companies like Pfizer to maim or kill you via their  pseudo vaccines all the while making sure pharmaceutical companies remain shielded from all liability.

Do these idiots think we aren’t paying attention?

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Japan and the UK are paying attention

Thousands of people gathered in Tokyo on April 13 to protest the WHO intrusion. The Japanese people criticized their government and global health authorities for the lack of transparency regarding the adverse events and excess deaths. They demanded information and accountability, and criticized the WHO for receiving significant funding from private interests like pharmaceutical companies and entities like the Bill Gates Foundation.

It’s interesting how mainstream media articles make it sound as if all 194 WHO member states are in complete agreement over the pandemic treaty. This is not the truth. Clearly, Japan is not on board. Neither is the UK.

When the UK got a peek at the updated document (you can download it here), the fine print said that countries must grant “at a minimum… in the event of a pandemic, real-time access by WHO to 20 per cent of the production of safe, efficacious and effective pandemic-related health products”. Seriously? Yes, they’re serious. WHO wants 10 percent as a donation and 10 percent at affordable prices to WHO). And it’s not just a jab grab; note the wording ‘pandemic-related health products’. That could be just about anything. Naturally, Great Britain is a tad concerned about this latest provision.

US states are paying attention

States like Tennessee are paying attention as well. Dr. Meryl Nass wrote about it in a recent substack. Basically, Tennessee will just ignore the WHO order, which the Constitution absolutely allows them to do. We have gotten into a bad mode as Americans, thinking that federal government decides the law of the land. They don’t. State sovereignty is still a very viable option, despite the decades-long trampling on those rights by federal government overreach. States like Florida have taken a similar stance.

Click on the image to see Dr. T’s episode with Meryl Nass.

We all need to pay attention

Swiss attorney Philipp Kruse has examined the WHO pandemic treaty in detail. He recommends reading Dr. David Bell’s article “The WHO Pandemic Agreement: A Guide” which provides an overview of the pandemic and international health regulations, particularly the one-size-fits-all solution from the WHO. Kruse says that the fact that WHO is even proposing a one-size-fits-all approach means that health and safety are not top of mind.

Instead, Kruse says the WHO is trying to build a new pandemic industry. WHO will benefit from a cycle of “pandemics” they will control. How convenient. They’ll do gain-of-function research and control information, a process called infodemics.

Basically, the WHO is chomping at the bit to control every aspect of the pandemic cycle, from creating a pathogen to activating a health emergency to deciding what products to deliver via emergency use authorization (hint: I’m pretty sure it won’t be ivermectin.)

While this latest WHO failure is a victory for we the people, the attempts of the WHO to secure  the ultimate power grab are far from over. They won’t give up that easily. They will quietly regroup and try to pull a fast one on us again in the not to distant future.

Nass says the latest draft still has teeth, giving Tedros unlimited powers to declare pandemics as well as the measures to deal with the pandemics. The plan was to seal the agreement, and our fate, at the May 27, 2024 World Health Assembly, the WHO’s decision-making body. The new draft of the WHO pandemic agreement proposal will be available for nations to sign on June 17 2024, with a new plan to be fully operational by May 31 2026.

If, God forbid, WHO was ever granted this power, they would certainly use it to come after the United States and others with a vengeance. We can’t let that happen.


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