Missing the Obvious, To Your Pet’s Detriment

Reprinted with permission from Dr. Will Falconer, DVM
What’s your biggest challenge in keeping your animals healthy?

Without a doubt, it’s avoiding chronic disease. These are the diseases that linger, usually for years. These are the diseases that conventional medicine has zero cures for. These are the diseases that, if you go the conventional medicine route, your bank account will be slowly drained and your animal will steadily lose his or her health.

These diseases should be familiar to you, the top two being the #1 and #2 reasons dogs see vets:

  1. Chronically itchy skin (aka dermatitis, most often allergic in origin)
  2. Ears that itch, are inflamed, produce discharges, and are often painful (a.k.a otitis, ditto on the allergic origin)
  3. Hypothyroidism in dogs
  4. Hyperthyroidism in cats
  5. Kidney failure in cats
  6. Asthma
  7. Arthritis
  8. Heart disease
  9. Cancer
  10. And many, many more…

In case you missed it, humans, especially young people, today are suffering unprecedented levels of chronic disease. Search that out on your own and prepare to be shocked. This, of course, has paralleled the huge increase in childhood vaccines, a.k.a “the schedule.”

It’s entirely fair to call chronic disease an epidemic in the West, the likes of which the older vets and MD’s never saw in the 40’s or 50’s or even the 60’s. Acute animal diseases have been largely wiped out, thanks in no small part to vaccinations.

But at what cost?

Now, the overuse of vaccination has resulted in chronic diseases, many seeming to parallel the symptoms of the acute diseases.

(If you followed the recent rabies series I put out, you’ll likely have seen how the symptoms in the rabies vaccinated closely resemble those in the actually rabies infected, about to die animals. My free Rabies Short Course is an eye opener.)

Why doesn’t your vet DO something to stop this?

One of my smart rabies students shared some amazing links in our private discussion group recently. One in particular speaks to this question, the answer to which I’ve long suspected. This was published in msn.com (Microsoft News, part of main stream media that could only be owned by Billy Boy Gates himself, so don’t be surprised at the content).

Entitled, “Everything You Need to Know About Dog Vaccinations,” there’s no author listed. Correction: the author is, wait for it… “DogTime” Apparently msn reposted this from that site of the same name. My bet is that Billy wanted to reach greater masses via msn. He likely has a hand in profiting even from animal vaccines, knowing him. If you click through above, hold onto your hat: this has got so much misinformation, it really should have been typeset in red, for blood spilled.

As this garbage article goes way beyond my thesis here, I’ll just skip to the most important parts. Here’s the gem that inspired this post, appearing at the very end, after touting all the diseases that have been wiped out by vaccines (in humans, that argument is pure BS, and by the way, most vaccines came along well after those serious diseases had largely declined, thanks to sanitation efforts).

Vaccination side effects
There can be some side effects from dog vaccinations. These include joint or muscle soreness, lethargy, or a mild fever that can linger for a day or two. These reactions aren’t serious, and your dog can eat, drink, and exercise normally after vaccination. There is some controversy about the advisability and long-term effects of annual shots. Some experts and advocates say that the annual shots are unnecessary (because the immunities from the original vaccine last a lifetime) and may even result in dangerous allergic reactions in a small percentage of dogs. However, most experienced veterinarians feel strongly that annual boosters have benefits that far outweigh the risks.

“Some side effects.”

Yep. Serious understatement, though.

“A day or two” and “aren’t serious?”

Nope. Dead wrong.

The “controversy” about annual shots?

The only controversy I’m aware of comes from the vets afraid of losing income, as the scientists have long told us that there’s zero basis for annual shots. ? None, nada.

Advanced myopia

As I suspected, this view is not looking long term, right? A day or two isn’t where the problems of chronic disease post-vaccination are likely to show. In animals, while they can be immediate and life threatening (autoimmune anemia, chief among these), the far more common side effects of chronic disease don’t start to show for ONE MONTH.

In my Smart Vaccine Alternatives course, I have an interview with the (now deceased) great UK homeopathic vet, Chris Day, who for decades polled his clients about when their animal’s chronic disease began. Here’s a slide from that course with his consistent findings:

So, if your own Dr. WhiteCoat is like what the article calls “most experienced veterinarians,” he’s not looking far enough into the future to find the chronic effects of his vaccine. I’ve written about that years ago in Vaccination: Safety.?

Once again: It’s Up to YOU

Now, God forbid your current vet is advising annual vaccination. If so, he should be summarily fired.

Bonus points if you tell him why. Note: probably far more likely, he just isn’t connecting the dots, even if he’s vaccinating every few years (which again, has no basis in immunology).

But, you, know:

  • immunity from vaccination is long lasting (probably life long, says Ron Schultz, PhD, vet immunologist of decades from U. of Wisconsin)
  • Revaccinating the already vaccinated is unlikely to “boost” immunity at all (no efficacy)
  • The side effects of chronic disease, those egregious sufferings you want to avoid at all costs, often don’t show for a month post-vaccination.

You are the one who ultimately has to “call the shots.” I’ve long called vaccination your #1 most important decision. It’s the reason I’ve written a free series on vaccination and include it prominently in my Start Here page. I urge you to get fully educated on vaccinations. Not only from me, but from others like Dogs Naturally Magazine and, in humans, the National Vaccine Information Center.

It’s only when you understand what a powerful influence they have on your animals, your kids and you that you’ll be able to make wise choices around them.


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