Aussie Mom Refuses To Back Down Over Chickenpox ‘Infectious Parties’

The Brisbane mom who has come under a heavy degree of condemnation for holding ‘chickenpox parties’ is refusing to offer up any apology over the matter. When Hollie Singleton’s son was diagnosed with a case of the chickenpox, she sent out invites to other parents for a big playdate. She posted on Facebook, ‘If anyone wants to clear this bug now and get it over with please come to Brisbane and visit us. We are here to infect only those who want it!’


According to 7news, Queensland’s Chief Health Minister is none too happy, even going as far as to call her “stupid.”

Now, following backlash, Ms Singleton has vowed to help others spread the chicken pox virus.

Ms Singleton claimed she was a pro choicer, not an anti-vaxxer.

But Queensland’s chief Health Minister has slammed the Brisbane mother along with many others in the medical fraternity.

“I hope that stupid woman will be charged as well as the stupid parents that go along with it for endangering those kids,” one commenter said in response to the initial invite.

When the health minister calls you “stupid,” it is difficult to argue that Singleton isn’t being bullied and intimidated. This is an open and shut case of government intimidation. However, it seems they may have picked the wrong woman to mess with.


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