Australia To Shut Down ‘Loophole’ Anti-Vaccine Daycares…

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The NSW Parliament will be receiving some tough anti-vaccine legislation this week via Labor. The new legislation reportedly wants to “close a loophole” allowing anti-vaccination childcare centers.

The NSW says that Australian vaccination levels have fallen “below those in Africa” and is now hellbent on shutting down every possible parental choice avenue. Essentially, the Australian government wants to make things as uncomfortable as possible for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. This latest move would strip childcare away from these parents, which could have the related effect of forcing parents to lose their jobs if they choose to not vaccinate.

The bill would remove the “conscientious objector clause.”

“We believe that all children in the community should be vaccinated unless there is a medical reason, unless they are undergoing cancer treatment,” Mr Secord said. The goal of the bill is to change Public Health Act of 2010 and prevent unvaccinated children from being enrolled at childcare centers if parents chose to skip vaccines due to “conscientious beliefs.”

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This would cripple working parents who rely on daycare as a way to manage their families. It is also a reaction to recent reports that anti-vaccine daycares are beginning to pop up all over the country to counter the Fascist legislations. Australia is heading toward forced vaccinations. As each new legislation seems to be countered by a reaction and strategy by those for parental choices, one must assume the end game is simply forcing the vaccines.

Many parents have resorted to using secret forums and groups as a way to come up with strategies to fight the government. Parental choice should be a natural right. What you put into your child’s body should be your choice and your choice only. The failed logic that the government is helping society continues to herd people like sheep. It is a sad state of affairs.

Photo by mbaylor

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