Australian Doctor’s Registration Pulled Over Support For Vaccine Choice

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Australia’s Health Practitioner Regulation Agency has suspended the registration of a popular doctor. The Health Practioner Agency is considered a “health watchdog” for the country. This time they’ve chosen a doctor who doesn’t believe vaccines should be mandatory, which is murky waters in a country as strictly vaccine as Australia.

Dr. Kevin Coleman believes in vaccine choice. He’s been a noted critic of Australia’s strict no jab no pay legislation that prevents government welfares from assisting parents who refuse specific vaccinations for their children.

“no mother should be forced to sacrifice her child for the sake of another”.

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“A one-size fits all approach may appear democratic to some, but it’s unjust and punitive,” he said, according to Daily Telegraph.

Dr. Coleman is also known to have supported the documentary, Vaxxed, which has triggered officials in Australia to ban one of its producers from visiting the country.

Dr. Coleman has said that “Vaccines can cause damage to our children,” something he has extended on saying that results of vaccine damage can cause domestic violence and drinking issues.

But his biggest, most notable platform has been his criticism of the no jab no pay legislation.

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