China’s FDA Determines 650,000 Vaccines Are Bad

China bad vaccines
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China officials claim they’ve located more than 650,000 “bad vaccines.” These include vaccines for tetanus (DPT), diphtheria, and pertussis. China’s food and drug administration is claiming that the vaccines were of poor quality, according to the press release via their health agency.

The DPT is a vaccine that combines several formulas. In China, the government recommends that infants get a total of four shots at four, five, six, and nineteen months after birth.

China’s FDA claims that the poor quality DPT vaccines were derived from two companies. China’s disease control centers which received the low-quality vaccines were Hebei and Shandong. Further interesting is that China’s FDA is claiming that the vaccines simply did not work, they are not claiming any toxicity existed. The two large vaccine batches have been pulled from distribution and investigations are underway. Parents are encouraged to use an online resource to determine if their children were given the bad vaccines.

“[Our children] are forced to take the vaccines, but these vaccines are not legitimate,” one parent stated on Weibo. “That is a real torture to mothers: Every time our child is injected with a vaccine, we can only be resigned to their fate.”

Back in October of 2016, China uncovered a massive illegal vaccine market. It was worth $570 million.

Photo by Padmanaba01

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