Flu Shot Disaster Continues As Univ Of Penn Calls For ‘Evaluations Of Vaccines’

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Last year’s flu shot was bad. So bad, that it seems everyone is taking a “jab” at it and similarly, attempting to explain or justify the failure to work as marketed. A new research project from the University of Pennsylvania claims they found the answer. They’ve decided, according to Philly.com, that growing flu virus in chicken eggs introduced mutations that reduced vaccine effectiveness. The remain staunchly in agreement that scientists did predict the correct strain, but the chicken eggs mutation issues reduced the effectiveness by large margins.

They claim we should now be using insect or canine cell cultures.

“The U.S. in general should evaluate how we make these vaccines,” said Hensley, an associate professor of microbiology in the Perelman School of Medicine.

But is this all a false flag that will allow flu shot makers to rebrand themselves? Oddly, failure of vaccines, particularly flu shots, tends to result in the herd coming back for more. In this case, the flu shot industry is pushing the narrative of life-long flu shots. In other words, a flu dose so potent one may never need another one.

The master vaccine pusher himself, Paul Offit, isn’t super sold that a new vaccine is in order. How could this be? If the vaccine is failing, why would Offit decline the option to push for new vaccines? Or, is he laying the groundwork for pushing higher priced options?

Paul Offit, a vaccine expert at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said pharmaceutical companies would have to go through extensive testing before they could change the growing medium. Essentially, they’d be creating a new vaccine. The market is already unusually crowded and companies must make new forms of the vaccine each year. “The cost to make a new vaccine is huge,” he said.

The fact that vaccine companies can achieve failure and simply push for new options defies most free-market environments. If a car manufacturer makes a crappy car, they really only have one more shot to correct the situation before consumers label their car junk and move on to other car lots. But maybe that’s because their is a transparent choice with cars.

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