Australian’s Vaccine Rights GoFundMe Explodes To Over $60k In 3 Days

As we reported yesterday, an Australian doctor known for helping Australian parents receive vaccine exemptions is at risk of losing his medical license. Dr. John Piesse received notice yesterday from Australian health officials that he was at risk for having his license pulled. A GoFundMe has been launched as a way to help him out.

You can read it below:

Dr John Piesse is a doctor of the people. He doesn’t drive a Merc. He doesn’t take expensive skiing holidays. In fact, he has very little.
He’s also a busy doctor. He spends all of his time helping patients. In fact, it can take months on a waiting list, just to see him for the first time.

Dr Piesse is also a doctor who’s currently under investigation. Why? He supports the families of vaccine-injured children. It’s a compassionate thing to do, but certainly not a lucrative one.

It means he needs about $50,000 to defend himself, and retain his registration, in the short term. If the matter is taken further, the figure might be $100,000, or even $200,000. He doesn’t have that kind of money – not even close. He also needs money to afford to live, and support his family.

Dr Piesse treats the community with respect and dignity. Now it’s time for the community to rally around him, offer some financial support, and prevent the loss of his registration.

It’s not only Dr Piesse who stands to gain. We all do.

Many medical professionals are fearful about speaking out on this matter – especially now.
Dr Piesse decided to be brave.

It’s time to be brave too.
Please consider giving at least a few dollars a week. Think of it as giving up a coffee or two. Stand up and be counted. Every dollar certainly counts.

#istandwithdrpiesse … do you?

Dr Piesse is not anti-vaccine; he is pro safe vaccines. Please support his right to freedom of speech, and our right to question the 36 or more vaccines a newborn receives before he or she is 6 months old.

He is completely blown away by the massive support for this fundraiser, and has already been inundated with people offering messages of support. Please join them.
Thank you. You all rock!

This fundraiser was NOT created by Dr Piesse or the Natural Healing Centre. It was 100% established by patients and supporters – exactly the kind of people who desperately come to Dr Piesse for support.

Link To GoFundMe Page


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1 Comment on "Australian’s Vaccine Rights GoFundMe Explodes To Over $60k In 3 Days"

  1. Bryce Swadling | 09/15/2017 at 11:55 am | Reply

    Here is a man with no vested interests except his desire to protect the good health of vulnerable patients being endangered by government policy which appears to be illegal.

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