Australia To Suspend Doctor For Helping Parents Get Vaccine Exemptions

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A Melbourne GP may end up having his medical license revoked for “helping” anti-vaccine parents get exemptions in Australia. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency is unhappy with Dr. John Piesse helping parents find a way around the strict vaccine mandate, “no jab, no pay.” The agency has informed Dr. Piesse that they are looking into suspending him. Dr. Piesse, who attended the Vaxxed documentary screening in Australia, says he refuses to back down unless someone can provide him with evidence that he is wrong. He also claims he doesn’t give an exemption to every parent.

But his rhetoric, telling parents that they can get an exemption if they are savvy, is running directly counter to a government that’s been on a warpath against the anti-vaccine movement.

Dr. Piesse works for the Natural Healing Centre in Mitcham and the Natural Institute of Integrative Medicine in Hawthorn.

“I have tried to help,” he said.


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