Authoritarian Vaccine War Greets Back To School Parents Worldwide

With the first week of official back to school beginning for many parents, the polarizing vaccine debate is back center-stage. But this year, the stakes are higher. Over the course of the past year, many countries around the world have taken harsh stances against those parents who seek vaccine choice rights. Egregious laws have been passed forcing both parent and school alike to comply or suffer financial consequences. The new vaccine landscape is more authoritarian than ever and it doesn’t appear it will come up for air anytime soon. Here’s a world roundup of vaccine noncompliance aggression.

Italy’s parliament recently passed a law that forces parents to give their children 10 mandatory vaccines. This law effects kids up to 16 years of age. Any non-compliance results in $600 fine (or Euro equivalent).



Germany is having kindergarten schools report families of children who refuse to vaccinate. The Health Ministry can levy fines of up to $3000.

Italy has increased its 3 mandatory vaccine law to 11. This will take root in 2018.

Australia is considering fining schools that allow the unvaccinated to enter or attend. This would affect preschools and daycares. The fine for non-compliance with the government could be as much as $24,000 (US). Keep in mind, Australia already acts under “no jab, no pay,” as a way of stripping welfare funds from low-income families who choose not to vaccinate.

In the United States, California is the harshest mandatory vaccine state. But many other states have laws in the works that aim to force vaccination rates. Parents seeking out homeschool curriculums are on the rise as some parents simply refuse to comply with potential vaccine legislations.

Back to school is a stressful time for parents who either refuse all vaccines, stagger vaccine schedules, or are vaccine selective. Any form of skepticism is becoming more and more an “illegal” act. Much of the recent legislation pushes around the world have been based on measles “epidemics.”

If you are for parental choice, your days of having such may be numbered if the global trend has anything to do with it. Most of the influences are pointing towards non-vaccination as an illegal act, possibly child abuse and negligence.

What are your back to school stories so far? Leave us a comment here, or on Facebook.


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