Baby Allegedly Removed From Home After Parents Refuse Vaccinations

Luke Maguire and Louise McKever allege that their son, Bobby, was injured after receiving a Bexsoro Meningitis B vaccination. They now claim in a recent interview that they were harassed by authorities and that their son has now been taken from them. Maguire claims social services and even police harassed the family for three days due to his refusing to vaccinate the child. He claims he was called “paranoid.”

Bobby allegedly had seizures following the 16-week old dose of the meningitis vaccine, but the family claims the original 8-week shot is when Bobby began encountering issues. Their saga was covered in The Sun at the end of last year.

“At the two-month vaccine, Bobby developed a twitch,” dad Luke said during a radio interview. “We knew straight away it was from the vaccines as it started that night. He was sleepy, floppy and pale. But after we alerted the nurses to the twitching, they assured us that vaccines were 100% safe.”

The family then decide that Bobby would no longer be subjected to follow up vaccines. But when the Ashington, Northumberland professed their intentions, they were told that they could be subjected to a court order.

As you might expect, the 16-week dose was not only similar in reaction, but worse. Ten days following the injection, Bobby became extremely fatigued and lost color.

“I pushed for tests,” says Luke. “I wanted an MRI scan and all the tests available, but they weren’t in a hurry to give us the tests. They were asking about whether anyone in the family had seizures or epilepsy. I told them that my brother started having seizures after a car accident aged 21, so the doctor then diagnosed Bobby with Complex Genetic Epilepsy Syndrome and gave us a prescription for Levetiracetam.”

Luke explains: “Bexsero only got licensed in September 2015 and ‘seizures’ is listed as a side-effect. When I showed the doctor this, she didn’t like it. She said she was going to send me out a new reply to my complaint as I had ‘foundation evidence.’ I never got a reply to that complaint but, after I left, she contacted social services and made a referral about me, saying that she was very concerned about my mental health, about Bobby’s health and about my research and how it was affecting Bobby.

When social services made contact with us, they listed off all the referrals and one was from the doctor – from two days after the date of my visit. The doctor had said I seemed anxious, paranoid and aggressive. I was nervous, but definitely not aggressive. This type of stuff hits a spot when you mention it to doctors, when people speak out about vaccines, and the thought of talking about it made me very nervous.”

Luke’s posting of Bobby’s reaction to the vaccine last year drew a lot of support, but also likely placed his family on the map as “anti-vaxxers.”


This is my baby boy Bobby born 22/1/16 4 month later our world changed for the worst Bobby had his vaccines at 4 month instantly got poorly temp of 44 twitches full body but started. From injection site he was not the same baby. Within 3 weeks he started having siezures. 1 day we woke at 4 in the morning to see our little boy blue in the face struggling to breath and having a siezure it scared the life out of me that day he had 9 from that date he didn't stop. 14 in a day 6 in his sleep just would wake amd go into 1 with out warning from the minute he started having them I new it was the vaccines then the cover up started doctors health visitors nurses children services they all worked very hard to cover it up as I was working hard to prove it they tried taken my child cz I was.putting him at risk researching about vaccines it was stressing me out and making Bobby poorly they were willing to destroy a young family just to cover up there nasty vaccines people need to do something they are hurting our babys they have no right no right atall they don't vaccinate there own children doctors have told me they couldn't lie they don't the fact they would push them on our children shows how evil they are please share to atall many as possible get the word out and help me help my son any advise any thank you I just want my son back for anyone that is going to comment and say it's not the vaccines well il post proof underneath ok no proplem I'm not trying to cause any problems but simply want to make it aware

Posted by Luke Maguire on Monday, November 14, 2016

During the radio interview, Luke was asked if he and his family are considering relocation.

“No, we won’t run from them, we’re in the right, we’ve done nothing wrong. We have a case against them, a mountain of evidence… But what they say goes. They can walk into a house, and they can manufacture any story they want and the judge will go along with that story and side with them even if the story is 100% a load of lies.”

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