Bill Gates Wants To Tax Robots Like Humans. Will He Vaccinate Them Also?

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Bill Gates is one o the most renowned globalists in the world. His ties to big Pharma and technology place him in a superior position when it comes to world dominance. Now the former Microsoft founder wants to dominate and subjugate robots. The man is actually moving beyond enslaving humans and now wants to enslave technology. Does this mean that Gates senses technology is taking over mankind? Probably so.

Gates is suggesting that we tax robots. In other words, in terms of taxation, treat them as we do humans. Now, I don’t want to go off on too much of a tangent, but I would like to throw out a consideration here. Taxation, by many views, is a way to subjugate the people. By regulating the total income that people can make and creating hundreds of social programs, you force humans to be reliant on the government / globalists. Robots could eventually be enslaved by the same system. Gates might fear that technology is garnering too much power and now he wants to throttle them.

ABB Group CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer, speaking Saturday with CNBC, does not agree with Gates ambitions at all. He claims technology is really technology no matter how we try to spin it.

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“Taxing robotics is as intelligent as taxing software,” he said. “They are both productivity tools. You should not tax the tools, you should tax the outcome that’s coming.”

“If you look at economies with the lowest unemployment rates in the world and correlate it with robotics: Germany, Japan, South Korea have the highest robotics rates with more than 300 robots per 10,000 workers, and they have the lowest unemployment rates,” Spiesshofer said. “So robotization and automation, wealth and prosperity go hand-in-hand.”

“It drives competitiveness, it drives productivity and it creates jobs.”

It may create jobs now, but I don’t see this as a longterm job creator for humans. I’d say Spiesshofer is stretching the truth with that for his own self-serving reasons. But he is right: technology is technology. Gates seems to fear any threats to he and his globalists powers. To me, that’s the larger more expansive narrative in this case. And the more frightening one.

Now the question is, will Gates attempt to vaccinate the robots as he does with humans? Will pharma eventually find ways to enslave technology as it has with humans?

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