Celebrity DJ Calls Flu Vaccine ‘Neurotoxin Shot’ Angering Government Health Agencies

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It all started last week when Harris claimed vaccines contain Mercury. The social media posts caused an uproar of doctors attacking him publically for his statements.

TheĀ head of respiratory disease at Public Health England, Richard Pebody, had this to say regarding Harris’s claims.

‘The main ingredient of any vaccine is the disease-causing virus, bacteria or toxin.
‘But a number of other components are needed to make the final vaccine as safe and effective as possible.’

But Dr. Ellie Cannon, still attempting to refute Harris’s statements, said that ‘Some flu vaccines contain thimerosal preservative.’ She stopped short of calling that “mercury.” However, thimerosal is related to mercury which we might assume was Harris’ point.

Harris deleted his posts from Twitter, likely attempting to simply end the debacle that probably consumed him a bit more than he anticipated before voicing his concerns.

England is currently pushing flu vaccines intensely as they continue to suffer from a considerably bad flu season. Some might say that the increased flu jabs are the cause of the uptick in flu. Some might say that the flu jabs are futile in the face of increased flu intensity. And some might choose to just remain quiet and avoid the inconveniencesĀ associated with speaking up.

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