Colorado Chicken Pox Party Parent ‘I HAVE BEEN SWAMPED’

chicken pox party

Parents in Boulder, Colorado are throwing “chicken pox parties” as a way to create natural immunity to the illness. The parties are so popular in the area that organizers have had to stave off some request, citing, “we’re swamped.”

“I have been swamped with requests to have my daughter share chicken pox, and I can accommodate as many requests as possible,” the mom said.

The Facebook post has now been shared almost 700 times. Denver’s 9NEWS shared the post, which has stirred up controversy and increased the shares.

Some Facebook users felt that 9NEWS was merely attempting to stir the pot, while others felt that the idea of a “chicken pox party” is no big deal.

The person whose name is blacked out. You shared that person’s post without permission simply to stir up trouble. The only controversy here is what you make it to generate interest. This doesn’t promote community, especially when your follow up will be totally 1 sided. The irony here is that the person who posted this was likely taken to a pox party as a child. There is no story here. Just stirring the pot. Shame on you, 9news.

I don’t see what the big deal is. I did this as a kid. It’s not new or crazy. Exposing kids to non-dangerous viruses just builds their immune system and makes them stronger.

Of course, the post wasn’t without a little absurdity peppered in…

Oh for Christ’s sake. This should be considered child abuse.

Many of us over the age of 40 likely had chicken pox. Our chicken pox parties were called “homeroom.”

Today, “chicken pox parties” are fodder for mainstream media vitriol. The times have changed, I suppose.

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