Doctor Verbally Admits Gardasil Severely Injures Teen Girl, But…

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“Shortly After My Daughter Was Given The Gardasil Shot, Within two Days, My Daughter Had Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Two ear Infections, A Sinus Infection, Throat Infection, Constant Thrush! Her Immune System Was Compromised! My Doctor Would Admit Verbally That The Gardasil Caused This Damage, But Would Not Put It In Writing, As It Would Effect His Line of Work. I Think He Needs Another Line of Work! “

Many states are pushing the HPV vaccine heavily to teenage girls and boys. Many are allowing children to take them without parental consent as a way to bypass any potential gridlock. And through it all, no long term studies have been performed on the safety of this vaccine. And clearly, something seems incredibly wrong with it.

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The HPV vaccine is one of the most complained about vaccines in terms of alleged injuries. Yet, we’ve done little to test it for safety.

HPV Vaccine Side Effects

What does the manufacturer, Merck, list as potential side effects for the HPV vaccine?

A lump where your child got the shot

One has to assume that they tone down their own side effect admissions.



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