Family Says They Are ‘Medical Refugees’ In Heartbreaking Video

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“Our 4-year-old has done more drugs than anyone we know”

There’s a new term being thrown around: medical refugees. And it’s a real thing. Families, like the Selmeski’s, are refugees of a pharma system that fights against the legalization of marijuana. Their 4-year-old daughter, Maggie, has a form of epilepsy known as intractable epilepsy. And the only treatment the Selmeski family has found works is marijuana. So they’ve uprooted their lives and moved to Colorado to become medical refugees.

They are a family living in a state that has legal marijuana availability. At one point, they were told by doctors that their daughter didn’t have long to live. They prepared for their daughter’s death. The doctors were shortsighted, clearly, not suggesting marijuana as a treatment option.

“We’re not giving our 1-year-old marijuana! Are you nuts?”

That was husband Shawn’s reaction to his wife, Rachael, finding online information showing marijuana to be a viable option for treating their daughter’s condition.


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