California Punishes Doctor For Giving Vaccine Exemption

dr bob sears

The state of California has decidedly set the tone for how it intends to pursue those who don’t kowtow the vaccine agenda. The Medical Board of California has ordered 35-months probation for an Orange County pediatrician that was labeled as an “anti-vaxxer.”

Dr. Bob Sears has endured threats of having his medical license revoked by the state as far back as 2016. Back then, Dr. Sears was accused of incorrectly writing a vaccine waiver notice for a 2-year old boy that exempted the child from all vaccines. The Medical Board determined that Dr. Sears didn’t perform basic medical examinations prior to passing him for a vaccine exempt status. Instead, Dr. Sears says he entrusted the mother, who claimed the boy was having difficulties with his urinary tract and “went limp” from prior vaccines.

Rather than revoking his license, the current suspended status was carried out.

Dr. Sears can practice, but only under the stipulation that he take “education courses” mandated by the state. He will also be monitored by another Dr. He will no longer be permitted to manage physician assistants or nurse practitioners. He must formally notify any medical establishments that he intends to work of his probationary status.

“It’s not a trivial decision, it’s not a slap on the hand,” said UC Hastings law professor Dorit Reiss. “It really is strongly limiting his ability to practice … he’s a doctor under supervision now.”

Many vaccine choice advocates were appalled by the decision.

“Many parents, myself included, are relieved that Dr. Sears will maintain his practice and continue to serve his patients that rely on him,” said Rebecca Estepp, who is part of an advocacy group that supports alternative vaccine schedules.


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