Fearmongering To Start 2023. Happy New Year.

And so it continues. The XBB variant is on the rise!

XBB was first identified by scientists in September 2022 as a “recombinant” of two different Omicron subvariants, BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75. Recombination occurs when two different versions of a virus infect a cell at the same time, replicate, swap genetic material, and create a new variant that is the fusion of the two. The CDC has further identified XBB as resistant to COVID antibody drugs.

Mainstream media was following XBB’s rapid rise in November, but touted it as no more severe than any other variant. Of course, “data now suggests” that the new COVID boosters will offer at least some protection against XBB.

Fast forward to January, and the CDC has changed its tune. The XBB1.5 strain now accounts for about 40 percent of all US cases that are occurring mainly in the northeast. The CDC lets us know that in one week, cases jumped from 21 percent to 40 percent, “gaining considerable traction” and overtaking the BQ.1 and BQ1.1 strains dominant in fall 2022. CDC is projecting XBB to soon dominate the entire country. And naturally, Johns Hopkins University weighs in to let everyone know that XBB.1.5 “appears to be highly immune evasive because it has an additional mutation that makes it bind better to cells”, meaning it is more efficient at getting into the cell the infect it. New variants have shorter incubation, the experts say.

XBB is spreading rapidly but there is no evidence that the latest variant causes more severe illness or poses any greater threat. Still, the mainstream media uses sentences like, “In the last week weeks of December, hospitalizations rose 3.6% across the US.” Don’t they always rise in the last weeks of December, due to flu and other things? And XBB is also known as the “Kraken”, just in case you’re not already sufficiently scared.

The authorities are also letting us know that death from COVID is steady at 2,500 for the last week of December (compared to 17,000 for December 2021). And naturally, the World Health Organization weighs in to let us know that XBB has been detected in 70 other countries.

Of course, the bivalent booster is your best protection, they say. Alarm reigns with statements like, “It’s the most contagious yet!” It can be contagious and mild at the same time, but they don’t dare tell you that. “If you haven’t gotten the bivalent booster yet, it is time to do so!” say the health policy experts. And of course, wear a mask.

All the fearmongering nicely teed up the Biden regime to once again extend the public health emergency for another 90 days to April 2023. This is the 12th extension since 2020. Xavier Becerra, Secretary of Health and Human Services, actually made the declaration. It is his eighth extension.

In reality, Biden declared the pandemic to be over in September 2022 in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes. It was Biden’s first television interview in seven months. Amazingly, XBB appeared the same month. On New Year’s Eve, COVID counts were trending downwards. The BA variants completely fizzled. In early December, Children’s Health Defense published this article about how the pediatric formulation for both Pfizer and Moderna was hopelessly out of date, given the BA.4 and 5 formula. By the way, these are the variants that the latest Omicron booster was supposed to protect. Remember that? But the BA variant cases were plunging even before the new booster was released. Only about 5 percent of Americans took that booster. And it is interesting how the BA plummet nicely intersects with the rise of the XBB. And of course, most cases of XBB are in people who have been previously COVID jabbed in the last five months. Unvaccinated have the lowest cases, followed by people who received their last jab over a year ago.

So what is this really all about?

First, it is about school control and indoctrination of students. Biden’s April edict gives schools the justification to reintroduce two week mask mandates (or longer) and testing before returning to school.

Second, it keeps millions of Americans on Medicaid. Twenty-four million more are expected to join Medicaid due to the latest extension. Numbers will soon hit 100 million on Medicaid, nearly 1 in 3 Americans, many very young, able-bodied individuals. Let that sink in for a moment. States are not allowed to remove anyone from the Medicaid rolls during this emergency. A person must move out of the state, die or purposely opt out, and none of these happen very much This will certainly continue to be a drain on the economy. In March 2020, Congress no longer required either training or work requirements to be eligible for food stamps. As a result, there are 4.4 million more people on food stamps than before the pandemic. The total is 41 million, and many are in states with booming economies and lots of jobs to fill. Nationwide, there are 11 million job openings. Who is working? Are they disincentivized? We wrote about it this summer and it is still an issue.

Third, it gives Moderna and Pfizer time to endlessly update the boosters, with no oversight. Because they are still deemed emergency use, these companies can do whatever they want to, varying the ingredients by as much as 49%, as Dr. T has stated in her many podcasts. “Experts” are saying the bivalent jab is the only recourse against XBB, but the bivalent booster shot was designed for BA.5, not XBB, and even the experts agree that the bivalent jab offers a very weak immune boost response against XBB1.5 because it wasn’t designed for it.

After all, these companies need to make money, right? Moderna made over $18 billion in 2022 from COVID-19 jabs. The company is expecting sales of a measly $5 billion in 2023. So, they need to keep jabbing to meet the bottom line. And endless COVID variants give them time to develop a whole pipeline of mRNA jabs – 48 in total, like the new mRNA vaccine for heart failure. And of course, Pfizer’s Paxlovid is being touted as the XBB cure-all because its mechanism is not against the spike but other virus parts.

The burning question is: When does this all end? Will it ever end, or will we just be endlessly subjected to variant after variant after variant. The emergencies need to end. The pandemic needs to end. The jabs need to end. The money flow needs to end. It all needs to end, and it will end when the people have had enough and demand that it end.


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Fed Up Texas Chick is a contributing writer for The Tenpenny Report. She’s a rocket scientist turned writer, having worked in the space program for many years. She is a seasoned medical writer and researcher who is fighting for medical freedom for all of us through her work.

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