Florida Introduces Mandatory HPV Vaccine Bill

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A new bill introduced into the Florida legislature would make the HPV vaccine mandatory for public school children. Senate Bill 1558 would mimic similar mandates in Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Florida’s bill was introduced on January 4th by Sen. José Javier Rodríguez (Dem). If the bill were to be passed, it would be titled “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act” and it would begin taking effect on July 1st.

Florida lags behind the rest of the country with HPV vaccine rates, which has potentially prompted Senator Rodriguez’s bill.

Of course, this fascist approach to vaccines has ultimately always been the goal. It is very sad times that we live in. Our rights are being tragically desecrated month after month. If you thought mandatory vaccines was “just about polio,” you’ve once again been proven naive. And if you think this is just about vaccines, you’ll eventually be proven wrong by that, as well. Don’t think the system won’t start trying to mandate SSRI and ADHD medications, or anything behavior oriented.

The good news is that common sense seems to be prevailing as only 1 in 5 parents think this mandate would be a good idea, according to the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.



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