High School Student Dies From Flu, But Tested Negative For Illness

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A Georgia high school student named Kira Molina has passed away from the flu. At least that’s what the Coweta County coroner’s office has concluded after Molina’s liver failed.

The Newnan High School is being called the 37th flu-related death in Georgia this season. But the story has an odd layer to it seeing that Molina, according to reports, tested negative for flu.

“Her parents took her to a clinic where she was tested for the flu and was found to be negative,” Hawk said, according to wsb-tv.

Molina was found unresponsive on Sunday and rushed to Piedmont Union Hospital where she was then taken by helicopter to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She passed away on Tuesday.

The coroner is using Molina’s death as an opportunity to push for flu shots.

“It’s such a tragic death. I encourage other people to go get your flu shots,” Hawk said.

But if she tested negative for the flu, where does the coroner’s logic reside for determining her death to be attributed to the flu? He’s determined that her death was caused by symptoms, but she tested negative for the illness.


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  1. Sounds like they’re trying to cover up something. If it was liver failure, even if she HAD tested positive for the flu, THE FLU DOES NOT CAUSE LIVER FAILURE! That “coroner” should have his license pulled!

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