Halifax chiropractor admits to professional incompetence

A Nova Scotia-based chiropractor has surrendered her license following scrutiny over her views on the effectiveness of vaccines. The Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors’ website says Dena Churchill entered a settlement agreement with the college. Furthermore, she now admits to being “professionally incompetent as a result of incompetence arising out of mental incapacity.”

There will no longer be a hearing over the matter.

The settlement claims Churchill underwent psychological assessment in the fall. She will also pay $6,000 as a fine.

Churchill operated the Oxford Chiropractic Inc. until it was shut down in the fall. She is known for posting information regarding the subject of autism and vaccines. She was investigated by regulators last May regarding her social media claims.

“I would think that for any regulator to essentially remove the ability for someone to work with a license, it should be arduous for the regulator to be able to do that.” The college’s executive director, John Sutherland, said.

Churchill still faces a professional misconduct hearing in May.

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9 Comments on "Halifax chiropractor admits to professional incompetence"

  1. Laura Pieters | 08/15/2019 at 11:58 am | Reply

    This is sickening. Why did The Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors even pursue this line of reasoning? I thought better of Chiropractors before this.

  2. Karen Baines | 08/13/2019 at 9:44 am | Reply

    It’s all beginning to sound more and more like Margaret Atwood’s GILEAD…censorship, threats, no freedom of speech, indoctrination, corruption and control of the population – by any means.

  3. Science Enforcement | 07/15/2019 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    This brings to mind the Soviet Communist’s legal procedure of declaring a victim as psychologically or psychiatrically incompetent before destroying them.

  4. Maybe because a chiropractor is not a medical doctor and does not have the expertise nor the education or training to be giving medical opinion under her role of chiropractor? Not hard to understand this.

    • Medical Doctor Ha when all your taught is to name it then give it a pharmaceutical drug fot every ill. A Doctor should understand how and why you’ve gotten a disease and go back to the root cause and truly fix something (besides a broken bone) without masking the symptoms with drugs while the problem still exists and getting worst. However your taught by schools funded and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry what else could you expect. Prevention rarely if at all is spoken to a patient rather than you push a chemical drug.

  5. Dr. Churchill is correct the vaccines are bad and filled with poison. I command you to restore her career and leave her alone. I also want you to apologize to her that you are wrong about her…do you hear me? Please do it now lest you be judged! Her Righteousness.

  6. I encourage people to write the CBC reporter, Michael Gorman. He does not read or know the science showing that vaccines injure. The more often that we “educate” media, as well as children, and future doctors, the safer we will make it for everyone.

  7. Gwen Schmidt | 03/13/2019 at 2:10 pm | Reply

    You would think we were in Nazi Germany and we were Jewish .

  8. This is medical Nazism, which thrives within the chiropractic profession, too. And, members of our alleged elite seek to enforce their demented inferiority complex. If we cannot tell the truth about the dangers of Medicine, including vaccination, who can? Who will? This is a lesson. Stand up to the bastards in your boards. Do not back down. Remember the words of BJ: “Make sure you’re right. Them force the fight.”

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