Health Officials Admit 2017 Flu Vaccine Failed…

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It seems as though every year it is the same exact story. The flu shot fails. But the “flu shot is still the best thing going.”

According to ABC News

The flu vaccine did a poor job protecting older Americans against the illness last winter, even though the vaccine was well-matched to the flu bugs going around.

U.S. health officials on Wednesday released new vaccine data showing it did a so-so job overall.

The vaccine was about 42 percent effective in preventing illness severe enough to send a patient to the doctor’s office. But it was essentially ineffective protecting some age groups. That includes people 65 and older — the group that’s hardest hit by flu, suffering the most deaths and hospitalizations.

And it gets worse.

In four of the last seven flu seasons, flu vaccine was essentially ineffective in seniors, past studies suggest. The worst performances tend to be in H3N2-dominant seasons.

Health officials say flu vaccine still protects many people. And even if fares poorly against the dominant virus, it can do a good job against other circulating flu strains.

“While it is clear we need better flu vaccines, it’s important that we not lose sight of the important benefits of vaccination with currently available vaccines,” said Jill Ferdinands, a flu epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a statement.

So now the flu shot’s ineffectiveness will be leveraged for improved versions to keep the cycle going.

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2 Comments on "Health Officials Admit 2017 Flu Vaccine Failed…"

  1. You must realize that these numbers are all just made up numbers. The CDC has no idea of the effectiveness. Whether they say 17%, 48%, or 98% it is just a made up number. Logically speaking, there is no way to positively state(or for the CDC to actually track) that the flu vaccine actually prevented the flu in anyone. However, on the other hand, they positively know that the flu vaccines are completely IN-EFFECTIVE in 100% of the population and are laughing all the way to the bank. For they know, with their over 25 vaccine patents that they are killing the masses. So, for the sake of what is good and true, stop taking these poisonous concoctions into your body.

    • Coop: you’re absolutely correct. They are based off of mathematical models of “effectiveness.” Actually, “effective” is not a synonym for “protection.” You can have a high level of antibody and still contract the illness because vaccines induce fake immunity – kinda like Fake News. What can literally protect from the flu is a Vitamin D level of 80-100 ng/mL and adequate intake of Vitamin C. Well said and thank you for your comment! ~~ Dr Tenpenny

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