India Vaccine Campaign Receives Massive Backlash From Doctors

A measles and rubella vaccination campaign is receiving backlash from local doctors who say the MR vaccine is not necessary and potentially compromises children’s natural immune systems. People in India are sharing on social media information by local doctors condemning vaccines.

Here are a few:

A Facebook post citing a 2014 article written by Dr Khadeeja Mumtaz, who is a retired professor from Kozhikode Medical College, regarding measles and rubella, is being shared throughout the web.

“MR Vaccine will harm the natural immunisation of children. Measles and Rubella are not severe diseases for children. It comes with a fever and then goes. Once it comes at childhood, a child gets lifetime immunisation and it won’t come again. Vaccination’s assurance is only for 10 years. After 10 years, the disease can come. So by giving vaccination, a disease that would have come only in childhood without any complications has now been shifted to the youth stage. For adults, this disease can create problems especially during pregnancy.

For 97% girls who have not taken the vaccine, they might have achieved natural immunity, by the time they get pregnant. After 10 years, whoever is taking the vaccine might have lost their immunity and others might have gained their immunity…….”

And a video posted by Naturopath Jacob Vadakkanchery regarding the same matter has nearly 30,000 views.

USA has special courts to deal with cases regarding the victims who lost their life after taking vaccinations. All government websites clearly say vaccinations might have dangerous side-affects. India gives vaccines which were boycotted in America. Oral polio vaccine was stopped there and we are still giving it. It was stopped there because it was found that those vaccines created more cases of polio there…”

And lastly, another Facebook post by Sajan Sindhu is also making the rounds.

“I have decided not to give MR vaccine to my children. It was not proved that MR vaccine is effective. Not only MR vaccine, no other vaccines are proved to be effective. Vaccines contain dead germs, rotten eggs, drainage water, contaminated blood and some body fluids. It can cause side effects…”

Of course, the government is fighting back in the war or words, as you might expect. The Health Minister KK Shailaja, responded sternly saying, “There is false propaganda against the vaccination drive. Certain people still hold on to superstitions. But we are trying to overcome the situation by enlightening people. Besides, strong action would be taken against those creating panic among the people,.”


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  1. Yes. They are lying. Do your research.

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