Ireland Officials Say ‘Fake News’ Is Spreading Measles

Ireland is blaming “fake news” for its increase in measles cases. In 2017, there were a reported 25 measles cases. This year, Ireland has seen a rise to 66 cases. Measles “outbreaks” have effected France, Greece, Romania and Italy, as well, something the Irish feel is causing the illness to spread into their country via tourists.

The Irish Independent is blaming “fake news” regarding the MMR vaccine for the increase in “anti-vaxxers.”

Earlier in the year, Ireland news outlets discovered that two measles cases had been throught a number of Dublin’s hospitals. Two more cases were discovered beyond that.

According to the, fake news and new reisdents are to blame. Doctors are calling it a “duty” to get all kids vaccinated.

“These four individuals are likely to have developed measles from contact with one of the two earlier cases at hospitals in Dublin,” it warned.

“The HSE requests people to continue to be vigilant about measles.”

Dr Murray said measles often affected people who had moved to Ireland, or those who had been on holiday and were returning.

While the State has a very good MMR vaccination rate of 95pc, the disease is still entering the country.

There have been no recorded deaths from measles in Ireland since 2000, when there were more than 1,600 cases overall.

Three children died from the illness that year in Dublin.

Around that time the vaccination rate had dropped after false claims in the UK that the MMR could lead to autism.

GP Angela Parvu, of Alfa Medics surgery in the Northside Shopping Centre in Dublin, said this type of “fake news” was still being spread – with many fearful of MMR and other vaccines.

“And many patients don’t want the MMR and other vaccines. They tell me about stories that they’ve heard on social networks, that are fake news.

“I explain I have my own children and it’s my duty of care to vaccinate them for their safety. It is every parent’s duty.”


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