Israel Rejects Mandatory Flu Shots In Hospitals For Doctors, Nurses…

The war against mandatory vaccination laws is being fought at all levels, but often times, we forget how difficult our hospital workers have it. Often, doctors and nurses and staff are fired for not getting flu shots. But not everywhere in the world, it seems, agrees with such a draconian stance. The Israel Medical Association has decided that it will not force mandatory vaccines on its doctors. It called such a mandate a “slippery slope.”

According to the Jerusalem Post
Although many US hospitals require all medical personnel who are in direct contact with patients to get influenza shots every autumn, the Israel Medical Association only recommends the vaccine to its 25,000 members, while it refuses to allow those who have been vaccinated to wear a tag or pin saying so.

IMA chairman Prof. Leonid Eidelman, who is chief of anesthesiology at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva, told The Jerusalem Post that doctors should not be forced to get the vaccination. “And even if they do voluntarily wear a pin showing they were vaccinated, it doesn’t give a good impression about those who don’t. There is a slippery slope; doctors could be forced to wear pins saying they have HIV or hepatitis C.

It would never end.”

While this stance should seem like a common-sense approach, more and more in the United States it is anything but. Nurses and doctors have been fired en masse for being incompliant with such fascist mandates. We are putting our hard-working nurses out on the streets because they don’t want to take a flu shot that, as of this year, has been shown to fail 90% of the time.

The Isaeli Medical Association knows how critical it is to respect the concept of the slippery slope. Mandating and forcing vaccines would only be the beginning of issues. Additionally, the same can be said for forcing doctors or nurses to wear scarlet letters regarding their non-compliance.

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