NBC Host Ask De Niro About Son’s Vaccine Injury

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Actor Robert De Niro once again opened up about his child’s vaccine injury along side Robert Kennedy Jr. When asked if his son’s autism was caused from the vaccine, De Niro emotionally replied, “I believe so, yes.”

De Niro and Kennedy Jr. have remained vigilant in their pursuit for vaccine safety. The two have spoke at events as well as lobbied D.C. for changes in terms of how pharmaceutical companies are treated.

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Pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued for vaccine side effects and injuries. They are protected by the Government as they chase revenue.

De Niro created controversy last year when he included Andrew Wakefield’s documentary, Vaxxed, in his Tribeca Film Festival. He was later forced to remove the film due to public outcry and likely pressures existing beyond the scope of our knowledge. But De Niro has been vigilant in his pursuit to find the truth about vaccines. And he and his family endure public shaming online over the matter. But even in the face of that, it hasn’t stopped him from taking a stand against pharma’s egregious acts.



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  1. beth stark | 10/07/2017 at 12:19 pm | Reply

    It would be a very very difficult decision if I were a young parent. Personally, I believe that I would not vaccinate and I would have to homeschool my children. There is just too much evidence against vaccines.

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