cdc new flu strain

CDC Warns New Flu Virus On The Way

The media is trying to make ‘evil flu season’ happen, and honestly speaking, they’ve done a pretty darn stellar job of it. Now their friends at the CDC are pitching that the big bad flu…

Nurses union fights mandatory flu shots

Although 90 percent of Massachusetts nurses and healthcare workers willingly receive a flu shot, the remainder is often confronted with a decision to either accept the flu shot or potentially lose their job. Many nurses refuse flu…

sun autism

Researchers Claim Link Between Autism and Sun

A new study out of Perth, Australia claims that there is a link between sun exposure and autism. Researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute claim to have found that pregnant rats deprived of Vitamin D…

deer population vaccine

EPA Approves Population Control Vaccine For Deer

The anti-vaccination community has long suspected that vaccines, on a global scale, negatively affect human fertility. Well now, the Environmental Protection Agency is using vaccines to thwart deer fertility in communities where deer populations have exploded….