Parents to be fined $730 a year for not vaccinating their children

The push for mandatory vaccinations is coming from all directions these days. As more and more communities reject the idea of mandated medical treatments, the government’s long arm grows.

No place on earth is more egregiously in violation of parental rights than Australia. In fact, now the country wants to charge parents an annual fine of $730 for passing on vaccinations. The payments would be taken directly from family tax benefits paychecks. Children with medical exemptions would exclude their parents from the hefty fines, but otherwise, all Australians would be subject to fines for choosing not to get some or all required vaccines.

This is another extension of the Federal Government’s ‘No Jab, No Pay’ program, the controversial program that serves to cut off families who don’t vaccinate their children from government benefits.

The annual $730 would be taken out over the course of the year and serve as a “constant reminder” for vaccinations.

‘Parents who don’t immunise their children are putting their own kids at risk as well as the children of other people,’¬†Minister for Social Services Dan Tehan said,¬†¬†reported.

It is believed that the government is using this fine to take on parents who are now moving their children to private childcare centers that don’t require vaccines. It is also safe to conclude that this is part of growing fascism and potentially, profiteering on the backs of lower and middle-class families. Make no mistake about it, this is fascism. While the country of Australia continues to be seduced by liberalism, the government is steadily moving towards a completely authoritarian concept. The country banned guns decades ago, so it isn’t likely to experience much friction from citizens over the matter.

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