Pharma’s Brutal Vaccine Testing On Monkeys

A new vaccine is now waiting in the wings. After being “succesfully” tested on primates, a new vaccine developed at the Scripps Research Institute, can apparently vaccinate humans against heroin addiction.

I’d like to go on record and say that my first empathetic concern goes out to any and all primates that have been subjects of this type of experimentation.

Researchers are now looking to move the opioid vaccine into clinical testing phases.

The logic supporting the vaccine is that it is supposed to produce antibodies against heroin. The vaccine exposes the immune system to a portion of heroin’s moleculer structure. In this way, when someone snorts or injects heroin into their body, fresh antibodies will attack it and cause the heroin’s effects to be neutralized. In other words, the vaccine’s ambition is to make heroin a less thrilling experience.

“This validates our previous rodent data and positions our vaccine in a favorable light for anticipated clinical evaluation,” study leader Kim Janda said in a statement. “We believe this vaccine candidate will prove safe for human trials.”

The goal is to disseminate the vaccine to current heroin addicts. The research is published here: Journal of the American Chemical Society

Of course, pharmaceutical companies are partly to blame for the opioid epidemic so it is only reasonable that their solution is to further profiteer the matter. Creating a vaccine to fight an issue regarding a substance you created is, in essence, an admission of guilt. But it is an unlikely scenario that the general population would come to such a conclusion. We’d rather, as a society, brutalize primates by drugging them with heroin and then injecting them with “heroin vaccines.” The heroin addiction issue could be approached by educating doctors on appropriate prescribing scenarios, stopping pharma lobbying, reeling in opioid misleading advertising and having pharma fund recovery efforts. Instead, they brutalize animals and will now charge heroin addicts for recovery.


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2 Comments on "Pharma’s Brutal Vaccine Testing On Monkeys"

  1. Renee Steiger | 10/06/2017 at 3:41 pm | Reply

    This has to stop how cruel !

  2. any thing for a buck to keep big pharma killer machines going!

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