300 Cruise Passengers Fall Ill As Virus Spreads

royal caribbean norovirus
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I know that cruises are a popular vacation for a great many Americans, but count me out! It seems that every year major cruise lines are plagued with stomach ailments which spread amongst the passengers, thereby ruining almost everyone’s dream vacation. As was the case when a Royal Caribbean cruise made its way back to a Florida port with 332 sick passengers clamming to get off.

The cruise line’s doctors believe that the infamous norovirus struck the passengers, who they refer to as “a small percentage of guests.”

Passenger Tracy Flores, as reported by wlox.com, that when her son Andrew started to feel sick she thought it was his Type 1 diabetes, so they went to see the doctor on board.

“As we were sitting there, more wheelchairs were coming in, everybody was puking everywhere, they were leaving to go use the bathroom with diarrhea, and it was just frightening,” she said.

The good news is that many guests praised Royal Carribean’s handling of the situation, saying they were very “proactive;” although people did note that basic supplies ran out.

Royal Carribean is waiting to confirm lab test to determine if indeed, the ailment was norovirus.

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi

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