Statistical Revelations Seem To Disprove ‘Flu Mania’

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When we fall ill in the winter season, we always refer to our sickness as, “the flu.” For most of us, we’ve accepted the fallacy in terminology as a simple way to tell our sister-in-law that we can’t make happy hour. But the fact is, there are more than 200 viruses and bacterias capable of creating “flu-like symptoms.” The media is making the flu be as deadly as Ebola. But if you pay attention, many of these dramatically reported incidents involving “flu-like symptoms” are not true flu. True flu is only caused by influenza viruses and influenza vaccines only prevent real influenza, the sickness caused by influenza viruses.

Read that again. It’s important.

Influenza vaccines do not prevent influenza-like illness, the sickness caused by other bugs.

So how much true flu is out there? 

The CDC has approximately 120 testing centers located throughout the United States. If an ill person goes into a testing center, the practitioners there send nasal and throat swabs to the CDC for testing. Looking over at data from the Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Reportwe can see that since October 2017 – the beginning of the flu season, the CDC has tested almost 372,000 specimens. Of those, only 12.8% have been POSITIVE for influenza viruses.

This is actually LESS than what has been identified over the last 19 years where only 15% of influenza-like illness has been caused by INFLUENZA VIRUSES. This seems to indicate that the flu shot is a perennial failure – failing to protect you nearly 85% of the time…every year.

The major theme? “Flu-like symptoms” isn’t real influenza. The fake media is now pushing it’s “get vaccinated” schedule by hyping fake flu.

                                                                                         Data Cumulative since 
                                                                                    October 1, 2017 (Week 40)
No. of specimens tested                                                        371,863
No. of positive specimens                                                     47,689 (12.8%)


Here’s what Dr. Sherri Tenpenny had to say about the matter:

“What I’d like to know is what pathogen is causing the influenza-like illness? If only 12.8% of those who are sick are sick due to influenza viruses, what is the virulent pathogen that is causing 87% of the sickness?”

Additionally, we’ve recently reported on two peculiar cases of “flu-like symptom” which sadly, resulted in the deaths of young persons.

One was a bodybuilder in Pittsburgh who’s organs failed after being diagnosed with flu-like symptoms. The second was a 12-year-old girl in California who was misdiagnosed with influenza based on “flu-like symptoms,” who ended up passing away, similarly, from septic shock.

Two healthy, young persons die from septic shock caused by “flu?” Only, one of them was determined to be a grossly misdiagnosed. Is this parade of “flu death” in the headlines serving as a prelude of something big to come? The last time they were this hysterical about influenza was back in 2004. They over-reported the number of influenza deaths in children and the following year? They added the flu shot loaded with mercury to the pediatric schedule, starting at six months of age.

Makes me a little nervous about what they’ve got up their collective sleeves.

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