Harvard Mumps Cases Found…University Isn’t Saying Vaccine Statuses

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Two persons associated with Harvard University have tested positive for mumps. This, according to an email sent out to students and staff of the university. The university believes the cases to be related to other mumps cases in the Boston area.

Harvard did not identify the names of those infected and has not given information regarding their vaccination statuses. One of the persons was connected with Harvard Biolabs complex on Divinity Avenue in Cambridge. The email warning asked that those who’d been inside of the Biolabs complex to take special precautions.

The latino communities in Boston, Chelsea, and Revere have seen a recent spike in mumps cases. Last fall, four cases were found at Harvard. There were also nine at Tufts.

Mumps can appear as a swollen jaw and puffy cheeks. Fever and headache are also commonly associated with it. Coughing, kissing, and anything to do with the transport of saliva commonly cause the transmission of mumps.

According to Dr. Paul J. Barreira, it comes down to the unvaccinated.

“Populations most at risk for infection or complications include the elderly, small children, pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems, and those who have not been vaccinated,” Barreira said.

Its odd, however, that the University is quietly not confirming the vaccination statuses of those who contracted mumps. Would this suggest those persons were vaccinated? That’s definitely one possible scenario, but only time will tell.

Photo by angela n.

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