We Need You – Every Story Counts

The “Vaxxed” team needs your help: We are requesting every person who has had a vaccine injury or negative experience regarding vaccination to submit their story. The story needs to be 500 words or less and start with “Dear President Trump.” The Vaxxed team is  approaching 5,000 stories but the more, the better.

Reactions can include:

  • Onset of medical problems that are coincide with injuries and time line outlined by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Table
  • Onset of medical problems outside the timeline defined by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Table
  • Onset of seizures, autoimmune diseases, and/or any neurological problem with in days or weeks of vaccination
  • Report of the most serious vaccine injuries: death
  • Submit your bullying stories, such as:
    • being dismissed from a medical practice
    • being bullied to submit to vaccination by a doctor or a nurse 
    • being fired or threatened with job loss
  • Every story counts.

The Vaxxed team will collate these stories and submit to the Trump Transition team.

Use this form – this is a huge and important opportunity to get vaccine injuries and vaccinator abuse in front of the next POTUS.


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